What is Amsterdam famous for?

What is Amsterdam famous for?

Top of many travellers list of places to go is Amsterdam, Netherlands. Situated in Northwest Europe this vibrant city is highly accessible by plane, train or automobile and has something for every visitor including:

  • Architecture
  • History
  • Modern
  • Atmosphere

Famous People from Amsterdam

Throughout the centuries there are a number of key figures which have given Amsterdam the stature it has now.

Anne Frank – Diarist and victim of the holocaust, Anne lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years before her tragic death.

Rembrandt Van Rijn – 17th century painter.

Willem Drees – Dutch Prime Minister who helped to rebuild Amsterdam after World War II.

Johan Cruijff (see above)- Footballer, and later on coach and commentator.

Famous places in Amsterdam to visit

Canals – with 165 canals hosting over 1,200 bridges you can’t miss them! Travel by boat, bike or on foot to enjoy these beautiful surroundings.

The Rijksmuseum – See works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Steen in Amsterdam’s biggest attraction.

Brown Cafe’s – dotted all through the city these public houses are quirky and hold lots of stories between their walls.

Anne Frank’s House – Visit the place Frank and her family hid during them hiding from the Nazi’s.

The Red Light District – A surprisingly safe place to visit where prostitution is publicly advertised.

Oude Kerk – Translated into ‘Old Church’ is the oldest in Amsterdam. Built 1250AD this is a popular visit and hosts the World Press Photo Awards annually.