Amsterdam Region: Southeast (Zuidoost)

Amsterdam’s South East neighbourhood is best known as the entertainment hub of the city. There are also large residential locations with residents from diverse cultural backgrounds. The four residential areas in this location include Gaasperdam, Bijlmermeer and Venserpolder. Several companies have set base in the neighbourhood with many buildings having modern architecture. The neighbourhood is regarded as an enclave of Amsterdam as there are no neighbouring boroughs. Its total area is about 8.5 square miles with a population of about 85,000 residents.



Attractions in Zuidoost



Go on Adventure at Gaasperplas Park


Gaasperplas is a serene, green park that surrounds a man-made lake in Zuidoost. It has a complex web of bridges, trails, streams and areas to ride a horse, bike and hike. You can also get a tan in any of the family-friendly beaches or the small nudist beach around. The lake itself offers some great water sports experience by allowing you to row, surf, canoe, sail, or play the beach volleyball. Several festivals also take place in the park, including the Reggae Lake Festival and Amsterdam Open Air festival. There is free parking nearby with restaurants and other eateries scattered near the park.




Ziggo Dome


Ziggo is the largest multi-purpose entertainment building in the area. It has a capacity of 17,000 people. In the past, it has hosted some of the big names in the entertainment industry that include Pearl Jam, Lady Gaga and One Direction. Around the dome are numerous restaurants and eateries where you can have a variety of snacks and dishes.



Kwaku Summer Festival


Kwaku Festival is a celebration of the abolition of slavery in Dutch Antilles and Suriname in 1st July 1863. The event started as a small football tournament in the late 1970s. It attracted great crowds, prompting the organisers to build it into a festival. The multicultural live performance event takes places for several days during the summer period. Fans meet in various stadiums across the neighbourhood, including the Mandela Park for dance workshops, live presentations and DJ music. There is also lots of family entertainment in an adjacent Caribbean market.



Arena Boulevard


Arena Boulevard or Arena Villa is composed of over 75,000 square metres of office space where sellers exhibit the latest living technologies and styles. In the location, you will find everything from styling to interior decoration, furniture styles and the latest home technologies. There are also sections for restaurant and bar furniture and management. In addition, the arena hosts numerous mega concerts, football matches and Marathons. Most concerts necessitate overnight stays at the arena. There are also several cafes, guesthouses and restaurants around the entertainment joint.



Afas Live


Formerly called Heineken Music Hall, the AFAS Live is a multi-functional hall that hosts dance parties, pop concerts, live events and theatre productions. It has a seating capacity of 5,500 with events nearly daily. Around the arena are several hotels and eateries where you can choose from a wide choice of food and snacks. There are also several movie theatres across the neighbourhood where you can watch the latest blockbuster movies.



Enjoy some time at the farm


It is good to leave the city and enjoy some fresh air around farms. In any of the villages mentioned above, you will love the awesome outdoor cafes, green parks and biking tours near tulip and animal farms. One of such farms is Bijimerweide. The family-friendly farm has an expansive playground and animals that you can part. It also has a café that serves some fresh dishes from the farm. Check their schedule for the kid-friendly events on location. Other similar locations in Zuidoost include the Colour Kitchen and Langerlust farm.



Take a food tour at the World of Food


Take your taste buds on tour at the World of food. This eatery that is housed on a former garage has 25 kitchens that serve dishes from around the world. It is a great place to have everything from the African fufu to Asian, Armenian and the Turkish fish. There are several other eateries around the neighbourhood serving two to five types of cuisines that you will love.



Take part in conscious chopping in Zuidoost


There are several social initiatives around Zuidoost to improve society or preserve the environment. There are a few green restaurants, monastery brewery, creative art initiatives, buy unique gifts and stylish clothing from social-enterprise initiatives. As you shop, you will be making a difference in society. It is so much fun interacting with the friendly sellers.



Play some golf at De Hoge Dijk


De HogeDijk has 27 holes, several practice facilities, a golf school and brasserie. Visitors are allowed at the facility with several golf competitions taking place across the year. If you are staying in Zuidoost for some time and are interested in golfing, join golf school and learn to strike the ball right. There is also a golf shop where you can buy golf merchandise at reasonable prices.Zuidoost is your premier lifestyle and entertainment hotspot in Amsterdam. It also presents the vibrant city life and rural freshness side by side. Like many other districts in Amsterdam, you can ride your way around as you enjoy the best that it has to offer.

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