What’s the best time to visit Amsterdam and Paris?

Two of the most popular European destinations are Amsterdam and Paris. Both cities have enormous charm, historic landmarks and fine haute cuisine. Regular daily flights bring millions of tourists to their boulevards during the year. The summer months are usually the busiest, but there are several opportunities when it’s the best time to visit these famous cities.



When to visit Amsterdam?


The historic centre of Amsterdam is incredibly charming. There are picturesque bridges over the canal and rows of seventeenth century town houses with elegant Baroque architecture. Every year, Amsterdam is visited by almost 5.5 million tourists. The city is usually crowded during July and August. The weather in the summer is usually dry and hot, with temperatures of around twenty-five degrees Celsius.


Visiting Amsterdam in Spring


One of the most popular times to visit Amsterdam is during April and May. The mild, sunny weather is perfect for strolling amongst the beautiful spring flowers in the Keukenhof Gardens. Colourful tulips can be seen until May. Larger numbers of tourists start appearing during the Easter weekend. One of the earliest of Amsterdam’s festivals is King’s Day on April 27th. It’s when the city celebrates the birthday of Holland’s King Willem-Alexander.


Visiting Amsterdam in Autumn


September and October are some of the best months for visiting Amsterdam. The large, summer crowds have mainly dispersed, yet the weather is still warm and pleasant. It’s now much easier to enjoy exploring the city. There are relaxing walks along the canal where there are boats and cafes. There are many quaint gift shops in the Kalverstraat, one of Amsterdam’s mediaeval streets. Attractions such as the Van Gogh Museum are much less crowded. Amsterdam is quiet during the winter, but it’s still interesting to watch people skating on the frozen ponds and rivers.



When to visit Paris?


There’s a romance about the city of Paris that attracts twenty-seven million visitors every year. There are panoramic views of the entire city from the top of the nineteenth century Eiffel Tower. It’s the most famous attraction in Paris and stands 300 metres tall. The city is at its busiest during July and August, when the weather is usually hot and dry.


Visiting Paris in Spring


One of the best times to visit Paris is during April and May. The city comes to life with displays of fragrant spring flowers and trees full of blossom. Visitors love the relaxed atmosphere along the banks of the River Seine. It’s where there are many cosy cafes, small art galleries and antique shops. By the beginning of June, the crowds have usually increased considerably.


Visiting Paris in Autumn


As the cooler days of autumn arrive, the city becomes much quieter. One of the best times to visit Paris is September and October. The weather is still pleasant and warm. At the beginning of October, many of the art galleries and museums have a Nuit Blanche policy. It means they have much later opening hours, providing opportunities for admiring famous works of art. At the end of November, Paris prepares for a busy Christmas season. There’s a ceremony to switch on the festive illuminations along the Champs Elysees. There’s also a busy Christmas market with an exciting atmosphere and many special gifts.