Do’s and don’ts in Amsterdam

Do's and don'ts in Amsterdam



Take time to explore

The best thing about Amsterdam is the diversity as well as the element of surprise in each area. Whether it is exploring the Red Light District, the museums, coffee shops, or just leisurely walking by the beautiful canals, it is not possible to be bored rigid. Therefore, permit you to stroll and get it all in!


Visit the IAMsterdam sign

It is a fresh photo chance, and if you are fit enough, you can mount on the giant letters. Read where they are.


Visit A’DAM toren (tower)

It is a twenty two floor tower, with a bar, and a restaurant that offers a fantastic 360˚ of Amsterdam’s bird’s-eye view. Drinks are a bit on the costly side, but keep in mind that you are paying for the experience you will get here, and the cocktails are enormous!

Moreover, if you are a little of a daredevil, A’DAM lookout, the ‘Over the Edge’ is the highest swing in Europe. You will get to swing a hundred meters above the ground, there at the top of this building.


Chill out in the park!

On a sunny day, there is nothing pretty like sitting back in the sun, as well as lighting up a joint. You will see a lot of people taking a glass of wine or a joint in the park, but the solution is to make sure that you are not imposing on others. Get yourself a private place, and you are fine. Use your common sense, and do not light up close to families, children’s playgrounds, or anybody else for that matter.




Don’t drink in public

There is really no scarcity of places where you can find adult beverages with adult entertainment but minimize your drinking to designated areas, such as verandas outside bars. In Amsterdam, don’t drink alcohol on the street since public intoxication is not tolerated here, even beer bikes are disallowed, and you might face legal action for unruly behaviour. Police officers are everywhere; therefore, you will get caught.


Don’t buy illegal drugs

Cannabis is unlawful in Amsterdam. The relevant authorities have a tolerance rule. Coffee shops are permitted to vend cannabis, and you will not be prosecuted for having or purchasing cannabis if the amount is lesser than five grams (0.18 ounces). Beyond that volume, is a no. The tolerance policy does not extend to hard drugs. This place is not a free-for-all; thus, don’t go around the town buying, possessing, and using meth, heroin, pills, ketamine, GHB and cocaine. Otherwise, you will face legal action if you are caught. However, if you are going to buy and try it anyway, better keep it with a bit off coke or half a XTC pill at a time. (and wait at least an hour).

Oh and don’t walk alone wasted next to the canals in the night.


Don’t bike on the sidewalk

In Amsterdam, bike tours annoy the residence since the majority of the people don’t know how to ride. It is often complicated to get around a big group of people who are not even paying attention. That is the reason why there are bike lanes to stop people from biking on the sidewalk. You can easily hit people, and if you run over a person, you are accountable for the injuries because you are in the wrong.