Amsterdam Region: East (Oost)

If you love to experience diverse cultures, the Amsterdam East neighbourhood is the place to be. The neighbourhood was built in the 19th century and boasts of monumental buildings, diverse culture and very wide streets. This borough was established in May 2010 after merging the boroughs of Oost-Watergraafsmeer and Zeeburg. It occupies a total area of about 30.5 square kilometres with a population of about 129,000 residents. In the location, you can enjoy dishes and learn about the lifestyles of various cultures from around the world.

Attractions in Oost


Tropenmuseum is a museum for cultures from around the world. In the museum, you will find several interesting artefacts and information about various cultures. It has a large central hall that gives you a quick view of exhibitions. Most permanent exhibitions are built around themes that connect people from various backgrounds. There is also a Junior exhibition that is built specifically for young children. This museum is different from your standard museum as it encompasses touching, seeing, participating and experiencing to give children a stimulating experience so that they are able to recall what they learn.


In the heart of the neighbourhood is a large park that has vast open green spaces, several streams and ponds, as well as a large network of walking trails. The multicultural park attracts hundreds of residents for relaxing in the fresh air or taking part in some of the many events that are held in the park.

Leonard Anthony Springer designed the park in 1891 as an English park. It hosts the National Slavery Monument to commemorate the end of slavery in 1863. There is also the De Schreew (the scream) monument that commemorates Theo Van Gogh, a columnist that was murdered by extremists and highlights the freedom of speech.


Dappermarkt is an outdoor market, which has over 200 stalls where you can get all the stuff from flowers to clothing and appliances. It also has lots of fresh produce, including chicken, fish and vegetables. You can look for speciality foods from various countries such as Morocco and Turkey. The market is open all days from Monday to Saturday and accessible either from Muiderpoort railway station or public transport. It is a great area to buy clothing or souvenirs. Read about all other Amsterdam markets HERE.

Enjoy a walk at Park Somerlust

This park is located in a site that used to host the Southern Gas Factory. It is part of the transformation of the formerly industrial area to a working and living space. The extensive park borders Metropolitan River and provides an awesome landscape to enjoy the cool of the waters as you bask in the warm sunshine. You can also take a walk around the park and enjoy the available flora and fauna. The designing of the park started in late 2017. There are no regular events at the park, but there will be in the near future.

View Van Gogh Works of Art at Van Gogh Museum

The museum was established in 1973 as a dedication to showcasing the works of art by Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh was a painter who died in 1890. His famous works of arts include portraits and nature paintings of flowers and landscapes. It is the most visited museum in Amsterdam with over two million visitors annually. You will find the works of art arranged chronologically according to the date that they were painted. There are sections for the restored paintings and other contemporaries. The building that hosts the artwork is an ecologically sustainable and has lots of natural light and easy to walk staircases.

Learn about World War 2 from the Eyes of a Teen at Anne Frank House

Anne Frank was a wartime Jewish girl who lived in the city. During World War II, the Nazis who overran the city persecuted the Jewish community. Anne Frank and the members of her family hid in an annex at the Ann Frank House. Here, she wrote the daily accounts of the war and city life in her diary. The family was eventually captured and taken to the concentration camps. She did not survive the ordeal, but her father did and helped publish her diary entries. This building provides you with lots of untold stories of the Nazi regime and World War II.
Take a Street Food Tour at Javastraat
Javastraat is at the heart of the Oost neighbourhood. Over the years, it has been known as your top location to enjoy the best bread, dishes, fruits and snacks across the city. Here, you will find cuisine from various part of the world. There is a great mix of espresso bars, brunch cafes and concept stores. It is a great place to have your breakfast, lunch, or a quick snack in the warm sunshine.
Take Nature Ride at Nescio Bridge
Nescio Bridge is a marvellous 800-metre foot and cycle curved steel suspended bridge in Amsterdam. Its design has won accolades across the world and earned it several awards. It crosses the Rhine Canal connecting the residential areas of artificial IJburg Islands to the mainland. You will love the experience of riding over the canal and the views of the city as well as vessels passing underneath.

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