What is the location of the I Love Amsterdam letters / sign?


What is the new location of the I Love Amsterdam letters / sign? Have they been removed from the Museumplein to another address? Are they still at Schiphol airport?

Well before answering, we might conclude you are full of love yourself 🙂

Because you probably confuse the I Love Amsterdam letters with the “I Amsterdam” signage.

You are not the only one!. Conclusion: there is still enough love in this world 🙂


Since the I Amsterdam letters were considered by some to send out a too much of an individualistic message, it would actually be a great idea to change them into “I Love  Amsterdam”.

However until that time, if you want to see the I Amsterdam sign, you have three options.

  1. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  2. Going to the “Sloterplas” location, however this one is more like an artwork and a free running parkour in the same time.
  3. Check the current location of the mobile letters that travel around the city.


Good luck, hugs and love!


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