Amsterdam Region: West

Amsterdam West is a great area to visit. The area consists of Oud-West, De Baarsjes, Westerpark and Bos en Lommer districts. Each of these districts contributes to the serene and lively culture of the Amsterdam West area. This part of Amsterdam was built between the 19th century and 1960. The area is about 9.89 km² and is home to 178 nationalities from the last official count.





Oud-West is the closest district to the city centre. The lively streets of De Clercqstraat and Jan Pieter Heijestraat are home to stylish designer shops, cool cafes and some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. The area is famous for two historic communities. These consist of the Kinkerbuurt in the north and the Overtoombuurt in the south. With so many benefits and a rich experience, you will often want to return to this vibrant community of Amsterdam.



De Hallen


The De Hallen is a cultural centre in Oud-West. Home to the Filmhallen art house cinema complex, the centre boasts of some of the most respected kitchens in Amsterdam. The De Hallen also hosts one of Amsterdam’s oldest film theatres. The impressive cinema complex comprises nine screens including the beautiful Parisien Room. From great food to entertainment,  De Hallen is the perfect place to relax and have fun.





Wildernis is a new plant shop in the Oud-West area. Inspired by the captivating scenery of green environments, the shop aims at promoting a green healthy culture among the residents of Oud-West. The shop offers a variety of botanical prints, fashionable plant hangers, and stunning houseplants. They also sell garden tools, special seeds, and compost. If you are into green environments and want to incorporate plants in your workplace or home, Wildernis has everything you need to achieve this.



De Baarsjes


De Baarsjes is a rising area in the Oud-west. Its community comprises both young and old multicultural individuals. Anyone from anywhere can fit into this community. It is a warm and friendly neighbourhood. The area was designed by HP Berlage in the 20th century who also designed the main square Mercatorplein. Although the original design is still present to date, there have been a few improvements and modernization to the area’s design.



Rembrandt Park


The park was named after Rembrandt van Rijn who was one of the most famous painters in the Netherlands. This spacious green space is located at the border between the old town and the real estate of the 1950s and 1960s. The lakes and fields around the park create a relaxed and serene atmosphere ideal for a picnic. The various Amsterdam sculptures, the zoo, and the children’s playground are just some of the attractions of this urban oasis.



Casino City


If you are looking for the perfect place to game in De Baarsjes, then Casino City is the place to go. They offer a wide range of table games and gambling machines. Some of the games they offer include American Roulette, Black Jack, Punto Banco, and Poker. However, visitors of the casino must be at least 18 years and have a valid passport or identification documents.





The Westpark is one of the most chilled and pleasant areas of Oud-West. The area is most famous for its expansive green environments and cultural goings. The pique-nique estival de l’af Amsterdam and nature walking meditation events are some of the famous events held at Westerpark. It is home to the famous eponymous park and the Het Schip museum. The area also has a varied mix of independent shops, traditional brown cafés, old-school street markets and shiny new restaurants. It is the perfect place for a quiet afternoon or a lunch/dinner date.



The “Het Schip”


Michel de Klerk built and designed the Het Schip building. It was built briefly after the First World War and its design is very similar to a ship comprising entirely of fuzzy chimneys, which are actually residential steeples. The building includes 102 working class family houses, a post office, and a small communal conference room. After years of use, the post offices have been emptied and turned into an art museum that is a major tourist attraction today.



Westergas factory


Westergas factory was once a collection of industrial buildings. Today, the area is one of Amsterdam’s most exciting and vibrant creative hubs  and is home to a variety of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.



Ketel huis Cinema


The Ketelhuis Cinema is a popular cinema in Westergas. Film lovers can visit the cinema to watch the latest films. The cinema started as a small temporary cinema but has grown considerably over the years. Today, the cinema is an important landmark for Dutch films and is an important international art house.



Bos en Lommer


Bos en Lommer is a diverse and family-friendly area that has been rejuvenated in recent years through large-scale reconstruction. The area got its name from that existed in the 19th century. There are 127 nationalities that live in this region. This is about 75% of all nationalities in Amsterdam.





Erasmuspark is known for its beautiful and extensive gardens and the long canals that surround it. The park is open to the public and is home to more spectacular aquatic plants. It’s a great place to take a stroll in the sun or enjoy a relaxing picnic. If you are into sporting activities, have more than enough room to practise the sport you love.


One of the most popular features of Erasmuspark is the Terrasmus store. It offers visitors a pleasant place to rest and enjoy a delicious coffee and tea. If you’re feeling fruity, you can have a taste of the famous fruit drinks from Terrasmus. You can enjoy sandwiches, soups of the day and delicious ice cream. It is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.



No Man’s Art gallery


The gallery is a huge inspiration to artists all over the world. No Man’s Art Gallery features pop-up galleries all around the world to give artists a global platform to showcase their art. They hold the exhibitions in different cities each year where; they turn unconventional spaces into temporary galleries to exhibit talented young artists from the previous destinations.


From entertainment joints to beautiful parks and sceneries, Amsterdam west has a lot to offer. It is both an ideal place for a holiday and also residential purposes. The area is vibrant and rich in culture.


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