Amsterdam Region: North (Noord)

Amsterdam’s Noord is located just across the Central Station after the IJ River. This neighbourhood is a classic example of a perfect match of urban architecture and natural beauty. It has magnificent villages that are surrounded by vast green landscapes. It takes a few minutes of the free ferry from Central Station to reach the incredibly beautiful place.


Attractions in Noord

A’DAM Lookout


There is a 360-degree dam lookout next to the Eye Film Museum. This lookout stands about 10 metres from the ground and offers great views of the city, harbour areas and other parts of the north Amsterdam. If you fear swinging high up in the sky, you can take stunning views of the city in the sky deck located on the same floor.

The building also hosts several restaurants, including Moon and Madam Panorama bar and club. Moon serves fresh local cuisine while Madam Panorama bar also serves as an interactive exhibition.



The Eye Film Museum


The Eye Film Museum is a futuristic film history building located on the northern bank of the IJ river. In the building, you learn the history of cinematology, experimental film events and live exhibitions. You will learn about various film production technologies from around the world after which you can relax in a waterside café next to the building. There is a small fee for many seasonal exhibitions, but the permanent ones are free.





Away from the large modern buildings in Amsterdam, lie historic Dutch villages of Zunderdorp, Ransdorp and Nieuwendam. You can visit the villages on foot, bicycle or on water. It is actually hard to visit Amsterdam without using its extensive network of biking lanes. You will find several rest and recharge stations along the way.Each of the buildings in these villages is built with roofs that look like cheese covers. The buildings have canal locks and provide awesome polder views. There are buildings as old as 500 years with lots of visual information about the Dutch history. Also, there are several coffee shops around where you can enjoy the traditional Dutch Pie.



De Ceuvel


This Bohemian café is located in a former shipyard that was highly polluted. It is popular for its focus on sustainability. You will love the interaction with nature at its seating, fresh dishes and several recycling festivals as well as performances. The location also hosts several film screenings and parties. You will love their green coffee and innovative aquaponics greenhouse at the restaurant.

This café uses green energy for its heat exchange and energy needs. It also reuses much of its kitchen waste. A visit to the cafe will definitely inspire you to start doing something for the sake of the environment.





Noorderpark is a location where you can enjoy relaxing in the warm sunshine or one of the many live performances on location. There is also a monthly events programme to help you plan your time. Besides, the park has several interesting landmarks that you would love to see that include the Roze Tanker and Gele Pomp, the two gas stations that were abandoned when the city upgraded its roads. Today, they are community centres and cultural workshops open to all. The park has an extensive swimming complex, which is fun to either view or swim in there. It has swimming sections for both the young and adults.



Relax for Some Jazz Music at Bimhuis Jazz Venue


Bimhuis Jazz location is a space built to inspire the local jazz artists. However, many international jazz artists frequent it. Locals enjoy up to 150 shows a year. Most of these shows are free. Check the listing for the upcoming shows.



Marvel at Science and Architecture at the Canal House


The Canal House is a great place to see the advances in science and architecture. This location was built to create a 3D block to create the first 3D-printed house. The team in the house has the world biggest 3D printer. However, visitors are only allowed to see the works from the printing. There are private tours to the building where you can learn more about 3D printing.



Take a Cool BeerUnder a Windmill


Windmills were common scenes in the Dutch countryside in the early to mid-1900s. Today, it is hard to find a traditional windmill around Amsterdam. However, you will definitely find some when you visit Noordhollandsch. One of the famous ones was Windmill D’Admiraal that was used as chalk mill from 1940 to about 1954. It has since been restored and mills a variety of materials. The location is a great location to enjoy some cold beer as you watch the vanes swirl around.



Enjoy some Street Shopping


Most Dutch do not do malls. Instead, they love uplifting small businesses across the city. In the same spirit, you will see many thriving street businesses where you can buy anything from clothing, soaps and fruits to fresh food. One of the popular markets in Noord is the Pekmarkt. You will love the sights, smells and colours at the market. Besides, you will enjoy lots of discounted clothing and appliance prices. It is a great place to taste of some of the delicious dishes that Amsterdam has to offer. Try various snacks and pick a gift for your loved ones.

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