Typical Dutch Food To Try In Amsterdam

Say what you like, people love their food and restaurants, more so when on holiday. Food and the way it is prepared is far more important to them than what they like to let on.



Fish – it’s a staple of typical Dutch cuisine

Traditional Dutch food will intrigue you for sure, and because fish is a staple of Dutch cuisine, you’re going to come across fish in different forms. Haring or ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ is quite possibly one of the most famous Dutch foods there are.

This particular dish is fish, so it is healthy and delicious. It’s a dish of cured herring which is served with chopped raw onions and gherkins. The preparation is done according to Dutch tradition. If you really want to experience eating it the Dutch way, lift up the Herring by its tail and dunk it into your mouth with your head thrown back.

Maybe you’re a bit reluctant to try this Herring dish, but then kibbeling might be more tasty for you. This is battered and deep-fried morsels of white fish such as cod and which is then served with a tangy mayonnaise herb sauce.

Traditional Food like your Mother Made You

The Dutch in Amsterdam know that everyone hankers after traditional food like what their grandmothers made, and you can actually try Moeders, a restaurant in the city serving only the most traditional Dutch dishes.



Typical Dutch food with vegetables

On a cold Winter’s night, who doesn’t relish the idea of thick soup for starters. You cant leave Amsterdam before you’ve tried their thick pea soup with smoked sausage. This thick green stew has onions, carrots, leeks, celery and peas and is totally delicious, loved all over the Netherlands, especially in the winter time.

Of course the Dutch say that this soup must be so thick that your soup spoon stands up in it unaided.

Stamppot is another ‘comfort food’, a traditional Dutch dish where you have mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables such as carrots, sauerkraut and kale. The Dutch reserve this dish for cold wintry evenings and serve it with some mustard and rookwurst which is a Dutch smoked sausage. All these meals are enjoyed with your choice of red and white wines or beer.



Typical Dutch foods that go down well

When you opt to eat out in Amsterdam, the Dutch people offer delicious food packed with flavour. This includes all foods, from breakfast to salad bowls to sandwiches to lunches and dinners. You’ll be able to pick up some great tips on how they flavour their foods and try them out yourself if you’re staying in self-catering accommodation in the city.

You’ll be able to delight your friends back home when you return and start cooking up a Dutch storm in your own kitchen.



Rustling up typical easy Dutch side dishes

Even Dutch snacks are delicious. Who doesn’t love hot, salty fries in all its different forms and flavours. In Amsterdam, their thick Dutch fries known as patat or frites come served in a hot paper cone with lots of different toppings for you to choose – from curry ketchup to mayonnaise to tomato and onion dressings and much more.

Dutch home made fries in Amsterdam – near the Westerkerk church

They’re all finger-licking delicious. Croquettes are another tasty Dutch snack made with veal or chicken as well as other meats. Other ingredients include mashed potatoes, vegetables, spices and herbs. Shaped like a cylinder, the croquettes are then breaded and deep fried and usually served as a side dish.

As we’ve said, food and holidays go together. After all, there are few greater pleasures in life than a shared meal with friends and family. This is especially true when there is such delicious typical Dutch food served in trendy coffee shops and restaurants that Amsterdam is loved and known for.

When in Amsterdam, whatever you get up to, with such wonderful meal options, you won’t have to be guessing what your next meal could possibly be. You can be sampling all the foods that the locals love to eat. What better way than to try them at any one of the many awesome Dutch restaurants there are. There are just so many wonderful food options to try and in the most delightful settings.


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