Where And When Are The Markets In Amsterdam?

Amsterdam markets
The Markets of Amsterdam: Where are they, and When are they Open?

The city of Amsterdam boasts more than 30 markets, which together, can supply you with all your needs: food, furniture, art, clothing, culture, and more. Whether you are a visitor, an expat, or long-time resident of Amsterdam, there is something waiting for you. Many markets are open every day. Others open two or three times a week. Markets that sell items like produce and flowers, open their stalls during their prime seasons.



Food and flowers

Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market)

The floating flower market of Amsterdam, Bloemenmarkt, brings you into close contact with many of the beautiful flowers of the Netherlands – not just tulips. You can purchase bulbs, seeds, and bouquets. If you are not buying, the wonderful colours and the aromas of the flowers are enough to warrant a visit.

  • Where: Singel Canal, 630 – 600, which is in-between Koningsplein and Muntplein
  • When: Monday till Saturday from 9:00 till 17:30, Sunday from 11:30 till 17:30

Boerenmarkt farmers market at the Noordemarkt

The Boerenmarkt is one of three markets near the Jordaan district. Between the three markets, you’ll find everything you need, including antiques. Oh, but such delights await you at the Boerenmarkt. The fresh, organic products may be on the pricier side – but worth it if you’re looking for quality. This is great for expats and residents, but even if you’re a tourist, do include this market on your itinerary. Enjoy a taste or two of the baked goods, and view the meats, cheese, fruit and vegetables, grains, spices, mushrooms, and oils – all organically produced.

  • Where: Noordermarkt 42B, which is a 10-minute walk from Centraal Station
  • When: The big day for all three markets is Saturday from 9:00 till 15:00, but the Boerenmarkt is also open Monday from 9:00 till 13:00


Furniture and clothing

Waterlooplein Market (Waterloo Square)

The Waterlooplein Markt is also known as the Jewish Market because of its central location in what was originally a Jewish neighbourhood. Although much of everything is available, the market has become particularly well-known for its vintage clothing. However, if you happen to be searching for John Lennon’s guitar, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Where: Waterlooplein 2
  • When: Monday till Saturday from 9:30 till 18:00


IJ-Hallen is a flea market, but is the right market to visit if you need bargains in clothing, furniture, and other household goods. This makes it the perfect place for newcomers to Amsterdam to outfit their homes and wardrobes. You won’t leave empty-handed. This market is huge.

  • Where: T.T. Neveritaweg 15, which is in Amsterdam North.
  • When: Once a month on a weekend, from 9:00 till 16:30. Check their calendar before you come.


Art and culture

Art Plein Spui Market

The Stichting Amsterdam International Artists organization is responsible for bringing you the Art Amsterdam Market. Using a variety of media, approximately 25 artists are present at the market each week, ready to sell their creations directly to you. They use a rotating schedule, allowing different artists to participate each week.

  • Where: On the Spui Square, which is a 15-minute walk, or an easy tram ride, from Centraal Station
  • When: Sunday from 11:00 till 18:00

Spui Book Market

The Book Market on the Spui is next to the Art Market. For rare, unusual, out-of-print books, or for interesting documents and posters, head for this market. For collector’s items, don’t hesitate to speak to the sellers. The market entices visitors, not only from Holland, but from all over the world.

  • Where: On the Spui Square, which is a 15-minute walk, or an easy tram ride, from Centraal Station
  • When: Every Friday, come rain or shine (and they really mean this), from 10:00 till 18:00


Flea markets and well, just everything

Albert Cuyp Market

Otherwise known as a street market, there is very little one can’t find at a flea market. The Albert Cuyp Market is one of a kind because of its special Dutch ambiance, known as gezelligheid—a combination of warmth, friendliness, humour, and cosiness. Really, there is no defining word for it! But you’ll find it at the Albert Cuyp, along with the food, fabrics, clothes, flowers, luggage, cosmetics, jewellery, linen, and really, everything. Vendors began selling their wares in the late 18th century. Today, this vibrant market meets the demands of all their customers. If there is something you need, someone there will find it for you.

And don’t skip the herring stalls!

  • Where: The famous de Pijp district, which is an easy, short trip from Centraal Station
  • When: Monday till Saturday from 9:00 till 17:00

Dapper Market

The Dapper Market, which is over 100 years old, offers such a wide range of products, that if you need to set up a completely empty household, you can purchase everything you need here, including food. On the other hand, you are also likely to find that one item that has been eluding you for so long, you had given up hope of ever finding it.

  • Where: Dapperstraat, 1093 BS, which is a 15-minute walk from Waterlooplein Markt, or can be accessed by tram, bus, or train
  • When: Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 till 17:00

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