Amsterdam parking prices / rates

Moving around Amsterdam by car

A guide to parking in Amsterdam

Driving in any big city can be stressful. However, one way to ease the stress is to find out as much as you can about parking. Whether you’re driving your own car or a rental, knowing where you can park it safely, is a weight off your mind.
As you might expect, parking spaces in the city are at a premium. Expect spaces to be taken very quickly. In the city centre, you can also expect the cost to be high. Public transport is excellent in the city, but if driving is your preference, here are the options for parking.

Street parking

To park on the street in Amsterdam, you have to purchase a parking ticket at the parking meter machine. You’ll need to provide your vehicle registration, so make sure you’ve got a note of it. Ticket machines accept payment by debit or credit cards only.
The city is split into various zones, and each has its own on-street parking rates. The most expensive zone is the inner centre which is €7.50 per hour. The further away from the centre you park, the lower the price. Look out for the Blue Zones, as you can park here for a limited time for free. You do, however, have to display a blue parking disc to park in these areas.

Car parks

Several off-street car parks are available in the centre of Amsterdam. The largest, Parking Centrum Oosterdok, located in central Amsterdam, charges €20 for between 5 and 24 hours.
Car parks are also available outside the city centre. The parking rates are much lower, ranging from €1 for 24 mins to €80 for the day.

Park + Ride

Park + Ride is popular in Amsterdam, and you’ll find them around the A10 city ring road. In these P+R areas, you can park all day for just 1 Euro.
Amsterdam is a wonderfully vibrant city to visit. Travelling by car and knowing you can leave it somewhere safe allows you to enjoy the experience to the full.