Buying cannabis in Amsterdam – Do’s and don’ts

Visiting an Amsterdam coffeshop

There is an array of reasons why you should visit the Netherlands. The country has elegant townhouses, rich history, art, and attractive canals, among others. You can enjoy yourself by visiting several museums where you will find stunning galleries. On the other hand, tourist go to Amsterdam to explore and experience the lifestyle of local and modern coffeeshops.

The city has over 200 certified coffee shops that deal with recreational cannabis products. The places are appealing, and they attract both local and international tourists. You can enjoy a relaxed and cozy atmosphere at the coffeeshops while taking cannabis products. In some instances, cannabis is used as spices in food. However, there are things you should know when visiting Amsterdam coffeeshops for the first time.


The Don’ts in Amsterdam coffeeshops

Don’t confuse coffeeshops with coffeehouses or cafes. Coffeeshops is a name given to licensed cannabis sellers. In most cases, these shops are bars and restaurants. A green and white sticker in a window is an indication that the shop is licensed to deal in cannabis products. This unique symbol helps novice visitors to easily distinguish these shops from other businesses. Besides, you should be aware that coffeeshops do not serve alcoholic drinks.

Before stepping into a coffeeshop, you should know that the products have various effects that should not be underestimated. It is prudent to know that there is a limit that you are not supposed to exceed. Every single person is not allowed to take more than 5 grams of weed products per day.

In addition, before you order your joint, ask the cashier what form of payments they accept. Most of the Amsterdam shops do not accept cash payment. Also, don’t assume you can just light a cigarette in the coffeeshops. It is prudent to inquire whether you can smoke tobacco on the premises. In the city, it is against their culture to smoke a cigarette indoors. The main reason behind it is to be courteous to other occupants when smoking tobacco. Smoke from a cigarette has a lot of adverse effects to others who inhale. Besides, smoke from cigarettes tends to stain walls, clothing, and furniture.


The Do’s in Amsterdam coffeeshops

Don’t shy off from asking questions concerning the menu. In most cases, the menu is divided into sections of hash, weed, spacecakes, and pre-rolled joints. The coffeeshops staff have vast knowledge of these products. They are friendly and willing to provide more information about their products, including their effects.

It is not a crime to buy products from one coffeeshop and carry them to another shop to chill. However, it is rude to take someone’s seat or relax in a shop when you are not buying anything. So, when you move in with products from another shop, at least make sure you buy snacks or drinks from the shop.

Do check out a number of coffeeshops. Amsterdam has hundreds of coffeeshops. Before you settle for one, familiarize yourself with their products, atmosphere, and style. Some offer board games, snacks, and coffee, while others just sell cannabis products.


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