Amsterdam North – Different to the rest of Amsterdam

Amsterdam North Cafe

Call it Amsterdam Noord or Amsterdam North – everyone who has been to the area agrees it is a fantastic place to spend a holiday. True, at first glance you might think it is just an extension of Amsterdam, but when you start exploring, you will find differences which will dramatically affect your time here. You will see a fascinating part of the city, and the locals and visitors are a friendly crowd who all want to just have a good time.

Amsterdam North is a borough of Amsterdam, with the IJ, a river or body of water separating it from Amsterdam Central and the rest of the city. The fascinating aspect of Amsterdam North is that it wasn’t always a sought-after part of town, but new shops, new housing and a new lot of people have come to stay and who all collectively make it that you feel right at home.

Excellent carefree entertainment

  • Another draw-card is that it is close to some of the major city landmarks. It’s more laid back than other parts of Amsterdam and fortunately, there are free GVB ferries from Central Station, and these ferry trips aren’t just functional but an eye-opener as to some of the attractions there are. You’ll get a great view over the urban harbor-front and there are signs telling you when the next boat is departing.
  • The cool part about Amsterdam North is that if want to do some exploring, a bicycle is a superb mode of transport, and the humble bike is able to reach areas that you might not consider by car. As it is, the city has a bicycle-path network which is well signposted. Cycle to Durgerdam, in Landelijk Noord and bike along the Ijsselmeer coast. You don’t have to feel pressured as there are plenty to rest-places along the way and you’ll just have to try Cafe ‘t Sluisje where you can sample Dutch apple tart.
  • When in Amsterdam North, you’ll also discover that it is cheaper to stay here, and you’re also likely to have a bigger room because of the history and oldness of the place. There are trendy 2-star hotels and there are 5-star hotels to suit every kind of traveller. Maybe you love the idea of a Botel and then you can stay aboard a boat, a unique 3-star hotel which floats on the River IJ.
  • They say you just have to aboard one of the ferries that cross the water and step into a whole new world on the other side. For one, you can literally see the sights with the A’dam Tower, Europe’s highest swing where you get to swing over the edge of a huge building and take in breath-taking views from the 360-degree sky deck.
  • The river-front, once you step off your ferry, has also been revitalised so that you can find awesome restaurants and trendy cafés and also soak up the sun on a city beach. Locals and visitors go overboard when the weather’s great for a great outdoor experience.
  • If the idea of crowds isn’t your thing, don’t despair because Amsterdam North makes sure to cater for every kind of person who steps into its interiors. There is every opportunity for you to quietly disappear into the cool shadows of a beautiful Dutch park, and of course, the North has just the right one for you. For decades Amsterdam North had two parks – Florapark and Volewijkspark, but to give the area a new bright, airy look, the two parks were merged to bring about a magnificent green oasis. There are beautiful, tranquil fields and trees to sit under, bicycle- and walking paths, an award-winning swimming pool complex and a place to have a picnic. The park also has a stage where concerts and festivals are held and there are always exciting programmes and activities happing in this magnificent green space.

Amsterdam North – the cherry on the top

Amsterdam Schellingwoude
The Wijkergouw – Schellingwoude

There is no denying that this city has a fascinating- and illustrious history, and visitors will love the mix of old and new with this remarkable city built around a system of canals. You can take an unforgettable boat trip and simply soak up the amazing atmosphere.

Have a look at what Amsterdam North has in store and then make up your mind. People who know the Dutch capital city well say that while it is a wonderful city, without a trip to the North, your visit to the city is missing the cherry on the top.