The Amsterdam houseboats

Houseboats in Amsterdam

The houseboats of Amsterdam are marvels of their age – captivating all who stay on them. These attractive boats function as an alternate residential option and enjoy immense popularity and significance in the Dutch capital. They are great to rent for a short or long term stay in Amsyerdam and can serve as a hotel or appartment.

These major houseboats and tourist attractions comply with all the constructional requirements, and staying on one promises a soothing, relaxing getaway while in Amsterdam.



The Amsterdam houseboats – Beautifully appointed, perfectly located

You can take your pick from more than 2,500 houseboats in Amsterdam, all designed to provide guests with an authentic Amsterdam experience. You will discover that in Amsterdam there is a houseboat to suit every type of holidaymaker and visitor. We take a quick look at one such boat to give you an idea. This boat, once a sailing boat, is called The Medicijnman or Medicine Man and it is more than 100 years old.

It’s location in the old centre of Amsterdam, allows the best of the city and the sundeck affords spectacular views. The interiors of the boat are spacious and well equipped with modern facilities. The boat with four authentic portholes allows a lot of light in and it is cheery and welcoming. Those who have stayed on the boat describe it as a jewel, beautifully appointed and perfectly located.



Ingenious mix of retro design and modern features

The boats are listed on popular booking sites and you choose one according to the features as well as guest reviews. You’ll no doubt find guests saying that Prinsengracht Canal or the Amstel River are the best boat accommodation opportunities, and if you supervise your kids, these houseboats are safe and adventurous for kids too. They’re a mix of retro design and modern features – anybody’s cup of tea.

Houseboat Amsterdam

Most people try to book the ones close to the city centre as this opens the doors to endless sightseeing and entertainment opportunities. You’ll enjoy splendid views of the city and the historic Canal Belt. Nothing is set in stone with these commercial boats and guests can choose to have access to partial accommodation or to book the entire boat.

Meals, as well as additional services, are available but you can also opt for a self-catering nautical getaway. Known also as hotel boats, these beautiful floating homes that Amsterdam offers can be budget, comfy and stylish or they can be likened to a high-end hotel. Whichever you choose, you’ll be lulled to sleep at night by the sound of water lapping around your floating accommodation.



The Amsterdam houseboats attract visitors from around the world

Each of these amazing houseboats have their own unique character so it is not going to be easy choosing one. Most of them are located in the city centre, but there are also those just outside the Amsterdam Canal District.

Most of them accommodate up to 4 persons, and as we’ve already said, you can choose an entire boat or you can opt for houseboat apartments or single rooms – whichever you choose, you’ll quickly realize why these charming houseboats attract visitors from around the world.


Houseboats to uplift the spirit

These houseboats come with a host of features and amenities – double beds that can be separated into twin beds, large bathrooms with shower, some have kitchenettes, hairdryers, wifi, television and central heating, deck areas and more.

Really, if you’re in Amsterdam, staying on a houseboat guarantees a most wonderful time packed with character to ensure a most atmospheric stay.


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