How to tip in Amsterdam?

Tipping in Amsterdam

In the Netherlands, the law requires including a service tax in the bill. As such, providers do not expect a tip. However, most patrons do offer some tip to providers who deliver good service.

Tipping through the bill

Most hospitality services in Amsterdam include gratuities in the bill. The government requires hotels, restaurants, sightseeing companies, and even nightclubs to include a service charge in their quoted prices. As such, the cost of the meal, room, taxi fare, and other services already includes a tip. The phrase “inclusief BTW en service” in the bill means “tax and service charge included.” The waiter or the taxi driver does not take offence if you do not tip them.

Paying tips directly

The service charge not withstanding, it is customary to tip in high-end restaurants. Patrons usually tip five percent to ten percent for good service at restaurants. For average service, round-up the bill, or leave the change. Hand over the tip to the waiter, or leave it at the table or counter. Likewise, offer the taxi driver or any other service provider a few Euros extra, or leave the change. Pay such tips only for prompt service, or if they have done something out of the ordinary.

In hotels, the standard practice is to pay the bellhop one Euro per bag. Tipping the housekeeping staff is not required, but as a good practice, leave a few Euros a day, during a long stay,

You can use cash to pay tips in Amsterdam. When using a card to pay the bill amount, you can let the tip be added up to the amount or offer any tip by leaving cash.