The Worst Hotel In The World Is In Amsterdam

Wondering which hotel is the worst in the world?

The most famous worst hotel worldwide is the Hans Brinker Hotel in Amsterdam.

With its very affordable basic offerings and its incredibly honest, hilarious and self-mockery, and sometimes cynical advertisements, the Amsterdam hotel has been very popular among tourists for years.

Even a book has been written about this famous worst hotel in the world.

The original mix of honesty (pointing out shortcomings) and humor appeals to many people. A few of the hotel’s slogans are :


  • “The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel. It couldn’t be worse, but we’re doing our best.”


  • “Sorry for being very good at losing your luggage.”


  • “Improve your immune system.”


  • “We are an eco-hotel, so dry yourself with the curtains. Then we don’t have to wash towels.”


  • “The level of comfort is comparable to a minimum-security prison.”


In actuality, this famous worst hotel in the world scores a decent review score of 7.8.

The hotel has plenty of rooms (127), is very close to the centre and has it’s own underground discoclub.



Background hotel info: Who was Hans Brinker?


Hans Brinker was a boy from a poor family and the main character in the book: Hans Brinker, or the silver skates. This American book was written by Mary Mapes Dodge and first published in 1865.

In the book Hans Brinker experiences a number of adventures, while ice skating on the frozen canals and lakes through Holland.

The book features a story (The hero of Harlem) about a nameless boy who closes a hole in a dike by sticking his finger in it. Although the boy in the story (told in the book) is not Hans Brinker, over time Hans Brinker has become more and more identified with this famous story. And Hans Brinker even has become a symbol of famous Dutch water mangement and delta technology.


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