Is Amsterdam a safe city?

Is Amsterdam a safe city?

When you do research on the Internet and you ask for ‘best city to live’, Amsterdam is a city that always excels in ‘the best of’ rankings.

The Dutch city is ranked highly for its quality of life, attracting people from all over the world. In fact, according to the 2018 ‘Quality of Living’ ranking, Amsterdam has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in when it comes to infrastructure, sanitation and climate.

But what about crime? Is Amsterdam a safe city? Would you dare to walk the streets alone at night? Are there areas to avoid?

Amsterdam areas to avoid?

Amsterdam is a safe city to live in and to visit. Every city has its crime, but in Amsterdam, it’s a just maybe case of avoiding the areas that could pose a bit of a problem.

For instance, the famous red-light district may well be worth a visit during the day, but at night it seems to attract seedy night-creatures looking to make a fast buck among the many unsuspecting visitors.

Many a visitor to this area has whipped out their camera to take a photograph of the sex workers in the windows, and have endedup having their cameras snatched from them and having to pay a fine too. If you really want to take a deeper look at this area, to keep safe, rather plan to see it with an organized tour.

Know your limits

Then again people might be a bit taken aback to learn that you can buy marihuana freely in the most ordinary of coffee shops. For some people, it might be a little bit dangerous because those who are unfamiliar with it may want to try the weed for recreational or medicinal purposes. They could end up with unpleasant physical sensations and unpredictable behavior. Do not smoke too much at once.

Most people use bikes

A huge reason why Amsterdam is considered safe is that because most people are getting around on bikes, the screeching of brakes and someone landing under the wheels of a vehicle is very low. Amsterdam is pleasantly safe, and most of the crimes such as pickpocketing happen to tourists. They’re too busy blissfully having the time of their life. Those who have been to Amsterdam as a tourist say that tourists far outnumber the locals – that’s just how popular the city is. Everyone in the world looking for a fantastic holiday in Europe wants to experience all that this fabulous city has to offer.

Just be sensible

All it takes to be safe is to be sensible such as avoiding quiet streets at night, being careful on the trains and not displaying very expensive jewellery. Being careful gives you the chance to have a wonderful time exploring a wealth of highlights in this popular tourist city.