The Best Dutch Online Shops Per Category

Online shopping has been on the rise for years and is more popular than ever. Currently, three quarters of Dutch people regularly buy products online, and the number of online shops is still rising. What are the absolute top webshops? These are the best Dutch shops in ten popular sectors.



The Best Dutch Online Shops Summary


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1. Housewares  – Best Online Shops

2. Clothing – Best Webshops

3. Beauty and cosmetics – Best Webshops

4. Jewellery – Best Webshops

5. Toys – Best Webshops

6. Electronics – Best Webshops

7. Pet supplies – Best Webshops

8. Outdoor articles – Best Webshops

9. Home decoration – Best Webshops

10. Health and fitness products – Best Webshops




The Best Dutch Online Shops Explained



1. Household items – Best Online Stores


No one can do without household items. And to keep a home tidy, you soon need dozens of cleaning products and storage items. The housewares shop in the Netherlands is HEMA, which has modernised its webshop considerably in recent years and now successfully offers its unique range online as well.

Also scoring high is, an online drugstore offering everything for personal, home and pet care. offers more than 50,000 products online!

Then there is FonQ, a webstore specialising in good, affordable and stylish household products. FonQ has its own interior design studio and unique product lines, making it a trendy player in this category.



2. Clothing – Best Dutch Online Shops


Clothes are an indispensable purchase. But of course, we buy clothes not only to stay warm, but also to look good and keep up with the hottest fashion trends in this field. No wonder clothes online are one of the best-selling products.

A classic Dutch clothing brand is Wehkamp, which awards its online shop with a rating of 8.7. Their webshop stocks every clothing item imaginable – from jackets, accessories, lingerie and trendy outfits to clothing for men and children.

Zalando is another specialist within the fashion world. This store has trendy clothes at good prices and is especially strong in its large selection of shoes and accessories.

Zalando has competition from smaller layers such as Klingel, an online fashion shop with an overwhelming range of women’s clothing. You can also go to this webshop for jewellery, homewares and health products.



3. Beauty and cosmetics – Best Online Shops


Make-up, perfumes and gorgeous accessories: all luxury products that seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper due to the big price war between different online stores. Douglas is one of the best stores in this market, with products from big names like Chanel, Dior and Estée Lauder. Apart from perfumes and eau de colognes, Douglas also has a wide range of hair, body and face care products.

Their colleagues at ICIParisXL have a similar range and are known for their stunt prices and attractive seasonal promotions.

De Groene Drogist targets people who like to live originally. This webshop only supplies cosmetics that contain natural raw materials and are developed animal-tested.



4. Jewellery – Best Dutch Webshops


Getting a beautiful necklace or ring into your home is easier than ever online. In this category, too, the battle for the customer is fought through prices. You can see that, for example, at Brandfield, an online shop with excellent price tags for beautiful designer jewellery.

ZINZI focuses on jewellery, earrings and pendants for the modern woman and stocks items that follow the latest trends. Finally, the well-known jewellers at Lucardi have collected the very best jewellery from the luxury segment in their webshop.



5. Toys – Best Dutch Webstores


With the appearance of webstores that import toys or develop them entirely in-house, there is much more choice to give little ones a nice gift. Lobbes is a shop that has been offering toys for more than 30 years and specialises in creative products, construction toys and wooden toys.

Ilovespeelgoed stocks many toys for the littlest kids, and is also a good (web) address for children’s books, party supplies and nursery items.

Kidsdeco is all about stimulating the creative side of youngsters. In this webshop, you will come across items for the imaginative child, such as construction kits, drawing materials, doll houses, kinetic sand and musical instruments.



6. Electronics – Best Dutch Webshops


Electronic products continue to improve at a breakneck pace. Every year, smartphones, computers and TVs can do more and offer a better user experience. Webshops offering electronics are therefore doing excellent business.

MediaMarkt is the leader in this segment. Their webshop has a huge number of categories of electronics for sale, from TV and audio to phones, kitchen items and Smart Home systems. Interestingly, MediaMarkt also sells second-hand items and show models at a discount.

Among enthusiastic handymen, Conrad is a familiar name. They offer electronics for the household, garage and workshop of serious techies. And is a price fighter with a wide range of items that everyone needs at home, from cables, switches and lights to tablets, TVs and cameras.



7. Pet supplies – Best online shops


We also like to order things for our pets online. For heavy products like bags of dog food and cat pellets, home delivery is a real godsend! has items for every popular type of pet, from fish to cats and rodents. Incidentally, this provider also stocks gardening equipment, and customers can book treatments such as dog washing and haircuts.

ZOO&Zo is a provider with a very large and varied range of pet products in its webshop. And for owners watching the eurocents, is a good option. They stand out for their great prices and fast delivery.



8. Outdoor items – Best Dutch Online Shops


Camping, trekking and sports are made easier than ever before by poking around at today’s good outdoor online shops. Decathlon is an all-round provider of outdoor items and is known for its favourable price-quality ratio. This is a shop that even offers products for special hobbies like horse riding, mountaineering and bushcraft. is the online shop for the serious camper and stocks clothing, tents and outdoor gear of the highest quality. Bever’s items are made for serious outdoor enthusiasts and provide years of enjoyment. also targets people who love the outdoors with leisure, pool, pond and camping items.



9. Home decoration – Best online shops


People who have the time and money for it like to shop online for nice items to make their homes cosier. Home decoration is pure luxury, but a well-chosen home decoration product can boost the look of a home in one fell swoop.

Kwantum has an interesting and large range of home products for excellent amounts, and also sells handyman items such as wallpaper and wall paint.

Leenbakker, too, is a well-known Dutch brand with homewares according to the latest trends.

Bouwhof stocks tough no-nonsense interior products, including furniture, lighting and home accessories. And for those who like to put designer items from well-known designers on the mantelpiece, there is Casserole.



10. Health and fitness products – Best Webshops


More and more people are finding it important to live a healthy life. And fortunately, the products to do so are becoming increasingly available online. We already mentioned the online drugstore, with a stunning range of all personal care items. By the way, this shop also stocks cleaning products, gardening products and a good number of pregnancy and baby products. has nutritional supplements to exercise better, lose weight and build muscle mass. For items to practice fitness and strength training at home,

Gorilla Sports is a nice online shop, where you can go for all weights, equipment and fitness accessories.


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