Doing a Plastic Whale canal cruise

Things to do in Amsterdam

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, you cannot get a full experience unless you try a canal cruise. There are many canal cruises available in the city, and they’re one of the most cherished tourist attractions, by providing a unique and convenient way to explore the urban landscape.

If you only have time to take a single canal cruise while you’re visiting Amsterdam, this article will be useful – here we focus on overviewing the Plastic Whale, which many recognize as the very best canal cruise available in the city. This eco-friendly tour is enjoying tremendous popularity at the time, since it bridges the gap between casual exploration of Amsterdam with highly relevant environmental concerns.

Read through the following sections to learn all about the Plastic Whale Amsterdam canal tour, and chances are you’ll find this is indeed the best way to see the city from the water.

What is so unique about the Plastic Whale Amsterdam canal cruise?

The most unique aspect of this canal tour is that it’s actually a social enterprise that’s deeply involved in raising awareness of plastic pollution and its potentially dire impacts to both aquatic as well as urban ecosystems. Their aim is not just to show you the most popular touristic highlights of Amsterdam (which they will), but also to take the opportunity to encourage you to make improve your ecological status by rolling up your sleeves and taking action.

While the Plastic Whale works very much like any other canal cruise available, in the sense you’ll get a perfect vantage point to explore the city without getting caught up in the crowds, this tour is special because there is a team of volunteers aboard the cruise who spend the entire journey retrieving plastic from the canal. All collected plastic is recycled and transformed into useful materials – ranging from office supplies and furniture to plastic fishing boats. In this way, the pollution cycle is slowed down and at the same time the locals get a deeper sense of connection to the city as well as a higher environmental awareness, since they’re personally involved in the change taking place.

All profits made from the cruise as well as from selling recycled materials is then used to further the parent foundation’s plans to preserve the local environment and keep raising awareness around the urgency to stop plastic pollution in the canals of Amsterdam specifically. In short, by taking this tour you won’t simply get to know the city – you’ll also contribute personally to change it for the better.

Are all passengers required to work while enjoying the Plastic Whale canal cruise?

As a visitor, you won’t actually be required to join the plastic cleaning work, but you’ll be encouraged to at least try it. While doing so, you’ll get a direct view of the real impact of plastic pollution in the canals of Amsterdam, and experience that will be as touching as enlightening. By joining this social experiment and listening to the ecologically aware talks related to the city’s current cleaning efforts and renovation dynamics, you’ll get excellent insight on what is really going on in Amsterdam at the moment, as experienced by the locals.

Whether or not you’re an eco-warrior at heart, you cannot help but to appreciate the commitment and passion expressed by everyone involved in the Blue Plastic Amsterdam canal tours, and you will go back home with renewed faith for humanity along with inspiration to get involved in similar projects in your area of residence.

Is there a better way to genuinely understand a culture while making a positive impact to its ongoing ecological revolution? We think not, and if you’re the least bit concerned about the health of the planet, you’ll surely agree.