Where are the I Amsterdam letters located?

I Amsterdam letters

The I Amsterdam sign is a key item on every tourist’s bucket list. No self-respecting visitor to Amsterdam would leave without a snapshot of the iconic sign, with the letters “I am” highlighted in white and “sterdam” in red (the letters never spelled “I Love Amsterdam”, sorry! :-)).

Prior to 2018 you could find the I Amsterdam sign outside of the Rijksmuseum, a famous national museum situated in the South of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the large number of people who wanted to take photos of and with the sign made the area around the museum too crowded.



I Amsterdam letters at three locations


In the future the letters probably will tour the city, popping up at festivals and events.

There’s a permanent installation of the I Amsterdam sign by Sloterplas lake in west Amsterdam. Here the letters have been formed into an outdoor parkour track, with some installed vertically and some horizontally.


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Because of the sign’s popularity with tourists and locals alike, a permanent version was also installed in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This is also a great place to get that perfect I Amsterdam shot