Which airport is closest to Andorra?

Fly to Andorra, the miniature state

Andorra is a true hiker’s paradise with its mountains and vast beautiful lakes. Even in the winter months there are plenty of options for the winter sports enthusiast. Cheap shopping in this tax haven and a visit to the largest Spa in Europe should not be missed during a stay in this dwarf state.


Fly to Andorra

If you want to visit the Catalan speaking Andorra, you can choose the plane. Andorra does not have its own international airport to fly directly to. The nearest airport is located 200 kilometers from the capital of Andorra In France. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is located northwest of the city of Toulouse.

From the airport you can make your way to the miniature state in various ways. The cheapest way is to continue your way from the airport by bus. By bus to the capital is another nice ride that will take at least 3 hours. In addition, it is desirable to check in advance when your flight lands, because the bus departs only a few times a day.


Alternative transportation to Andorra

If you don’t want to wait long for the bus, you can of course take a taxi. This will take you to the capital in 2 hours. Of course you also pay a nice amount for this, but it is the fastest way to buy in Andorra. However, there is also a cheaper variant in taxi, the so-called airport taxis. You share these minivans with several people, so the costs per person will go down.

If you want to use a different route, you can also choose the option to land in Barcelona and continue the journey from there. From Barcelona airport you can be in the capital Andorra la Vella in 3 hours by bus.