Best Gift Ideas For Snowboarders

During the fall and winter months, a pretty white blanket falls over much of Europe. Are you going to book it or has it already been booked? Then you can give a snowboard as a gift! What is more fun than getting a brand new snowboard? Surprise your partner with a new snowboard and go down the mountain in style!




A snowboard as a best gift for him


A great snowboard to give as a present to men are the Burton snowboards. These snowboards are very precise, but still not difficult to ride. The snowboard is a setback camber with a sidecut. This makes the board playful and allows you to use both sides as a front end. This snowboard can also be used with heavy snow days, so you will never be unable to snowboard for a day.





Super snowboarding gift – give her a snowboard


For women, there are some great snowboards available on the market. One of these snowboards is made by Salomon. This brand also offers an all mountain type of snowboard. The board has a medium flex and is a real twin camber. This makes it suitable for real snowboarders who like to ride their lines with pleasure. The board glides smoothly with quiet rides, but also for fast rides you can use a Salomon board.





The best snowboard boots


Not sure which snowboard to give? Then you can also give another gift. How about snowboard boots! This gift is the most customizable element of any snowboarders kit. Snowboard boots are also the most important part of your kit. Therefore, it is important that they fit well. When they fit well, they provide extra precision and comfort. By giving a pair of shoes as a snowboard gift, you make sure that old ones can be replaced. As a result, you can bring a smile to someone’s face for a long time.



Gift idea for him – snowboard boots


The ultimate all mountain freestyle snowboard shoe is the Vans Aura. The shoe offers a medium flex and has a dual BOA system. The dual BOA system divides the outer shoe into two pieces. This allows the upper and lower part of the shoe to be fastened separately. This allows for a perfect fit. Therefore, this is the perfect snowboard gift for him. The shoe is also adjustable in several places, which makes it a very comfortable shoe to wear.



Idea for her – giving the right shoes


Whether you’re a fast snowboarder or an advanced snowboarder, a good pair of snowboard boots gives you a great ride. For a medium or good bending shoe, the Salomon Ivy is the perfect boot to give as a snowboard gift. These boots are lighter and easily adjustable. They use a ZoneLock system that can be adjusted even when wearing gloves.





Bindings as a best gift for a snowboarder


An integral part of your snowboard kit are the bindings. The bindings ensure that the boots are attached to the snowboard. In addition, they allow the rider to control the board properly. When you give a pair of bindings as a snowboard gift, you also make sure that the natural flex pattern stays intact and offers the right comfort.



Bindings for him


Burton Genesis bindings are one of the most comfortable bindings on the market today. These bindings are designed to combine comfort and performance. These bindings are made to combine comfort and performance, giving the rider a smooth and fun experience on the slopes. The bindings offer comfort but also make sure that they are strong. The bindings are suitable for any terrain, so you can ride all day long. A perfect snowboard gift!



The best bindings for her


Union Milan is one of the best-selling bindings for women. The bindings have a medium flex and are especially designed for women. The bindings are very comfortable and have 3D straps. These straps ensure that the boots are held firmly in place and give snowboarders a smooth ride. These bindings are specially designed for women and therefore offer more flexibility. This is a perfect snowboard gift since the bindings can be used for many different types of snowboards.





Best gifts: A good helmet


Helmets are becoming more and more popular. People want to protect themselves more and more from hard falls. In addition, most helmets nowadays have some nice designs that make it complete your outfit. There are many different helmets you can give as a snowboard gift. For men, there are helmets like The Maze. These helmets are lightweight and shock absorbent. The design is minimalistic and the perfect gift. For women, there are also helmets by Salomon. This is the perfect snowboard gift for women. The helmet has a Twin Shell but is not as heavy as the normal helmets. Furthermore, the helmets absorb more shocks than traditional helmets.





Alltime best snowboarder gift: the right glasses against the sun


On the mountain it can often be very sunny. The sun reflects off the snow, affecting vision. A good protection for the eyes is then necessary. There are several types of goggles that you can give as a snowboard gift to your friend or partner. We recommend giving one of the Oakley ski goggles. These have a large selection of different goggles. The color of the glasses are also different. This way, you can be sure that you will find goggles that protect against UV rays and block out the right lights for optimal visibility on the slopes.





Warm feet is a best gift


Finally, you can also give a warm snowboard as a gift. You can’t go wrong with a pair of warm snowboard socks. There are several types and brands available. One of these brands are the Stance snowboard socks. These socks are very warm and dry quickly, so you don’t have problems with moist feet while snowboarding. Besides that, these socks are very comfortable, so blisters and other pains stay away. Don’t have a clue what to give? Make sure you give socks as a snowboard gift so the recipient will have warm feet when going down the mountain.



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