Air France Economy legroom versus Premium Economy

Everyone desires to have a comfortable flight to their respective destinations. Most people would prefer an aeroplane with all the fancy things like Wi-Fi, entertainment features, delicious foods, drinks, and other accessories. They forget to check the seat design and end up having discomfort to sit or lounge freely.

Air France’s Economy and Premium Economy are world-class air flights whose users tend to compete with one another. One of the features that have been extensively discussed and argued about is the legroom or seat pitch. Thankfully, this article reveals what you need to know about Air France Economy Legroom versus Premium Economy.


Air France Seat Pitch and Design


Air France Premium

• Wider seats – 19 inches
• 38 inches legroom
• Back support for all body shapes
• Widest footrest


Air France Economy

• 17 inches seat width
• 32 inches legroom
• Spacious armrests
• Reinforced ergonomic foam on the seat


Primarily, the Premium Economy has 28 seats arranged in a 2-4-2 layout. The seats have a width of 19 inches, 2 inches wider than in Economy. Therefore, it is quite spacious to have a comfortable sit on or do your work.

As for legroom, the Premium Economy air flight boasts a legroom measurement of 38 inches. What it therefore means is that Premium Economy offers 6 inches more legroom than in Economy.

Air France Premium Economy is perfectly designed with your comfort in mind. You will find this cabin with a beautiful design that offers an incredible sensation of relaxation and space.
In short, it gives you ample space for working with your laptop or resting. The Premium
Economy lets you fly in serenity thanks to the divider included separating both sides. Plus, it has only fewer seats than Economy, hence offers plenty of legroom.

However, the seats in Economy are super comfortable than those in Premium Economy. That’s because of the reinforced ergonomic seat foam, unlike their counterpart’s hard and uncomfortable foam.
That said, if you want to fly in an Air France airline with excellent legroom and pretty space, the Premium Economy is the best. But, you’ll still enjoy a wonderful flight to wherever you are going depending on which seat pitch is great for your desires.


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