What is Booking.com Wallet?

Booking.com have a generous loyalty scheme that allows you to earn rewards. To earn a reward, you simply have to complete the reservation you made through Booking.com. These rewards are then paid as credits which you can use towards another hotel booking. To receive your rewards, you have to open an online Booking.com wallet.



How to set up your Booking.com wallet


Setting up your Booking.com wallet is very easy. All you have to do is enter your email and then a password. On screen prompts make the process easy. However, you must remember to use the same email that you used when making a reservation with Booking.com. You’ll also need to include your debit or credit card details on the settings page of your account. When you have completed a hotel reservation, you are then eligible for a reward. This consists of a number of credits based on your stay. The credits are paid into your Booking.com wallet thirty to sixty days after the date of your check out.




How you can use your Booking.com wallet credits


With each hotel reservation you complete, you receive credits as rewards. After your holiday, you’ll be sent an email as confirmation that your reward credits have been deposited into your account. You can check the amount by selecting My Wallet after you’ve logged into your account and clicked on your name. Additional credits are stored in your Booking.com wallet. You can use credits towards the cost of your next holiday booking. Alternatively, you can choose to have your reward credits converted to a cash payment. This is then transferred to your debit or credit card account. An American Express card is not eligible, so use Visa or Mastercard. Any rewards that include special incentives or gift cards cannot be changed to a cash payment.



Spending your wallet credits


The credits are a discount on your next hotel reservation. You are only allowed to use one reward for each booking. Reward credits can’t be used with a booking you might already have made. Once you have completed the online details of your next reservation, the reward credits are automatically deducted from amount when you pay the deposit. Any unused credits remain in your account. To help you keep track of your rewards, they are arranged in order of expiry date.


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