Which airport is closest Berlin city centre?

airport near Berlin

From the airport to vibrant Berlin

Those who want to visit the vibrant city of Berlin can reach the city in various ways. Berlin is easy to reach by car, train and plane. Flying to Berlin and the transfer from the airport to the city center are very easy to realize. Because it depends on the airline you fly with, we give a description of the two airports closest to the center.


Berlin Tegel Airport

Berlin Tegel Airport is located on the northwestern side of the city. From the airport you can travel in different ways to the center of Berlin. Unfortunately, there is no metro or train station in this area, but connections to the city are excellent. Those who want to travel to the city from Berlin Tegel Airport can reach the city center by bus within forty minutes. Using taxis is also no problem. To get to the center you pay about 25 Euro.


Berlin Schönefeld Airport

From Schönefeld Airport on the southeastern side of the city, you can take public transport to the center of Berlin. From the airport it is about 5 minutes walk to the train station where the regional trains transport you to the center. These trains depart twice an hour. You can also easily travel to the center from this airport by taxi. The cost of this taxi ride is usually around 40 Euro.


Those who want to go to the center themselves can also rent a car at the airports. Various providers are present at the airports. It is wise to book online in advance. This usually saves costs.