British Airways Businesss Class vs First Class

Many British Airways’ passengers choose the superior suites of Business and First Class categories. The increased levels of service and amenities make long-haul flights particularly comfortable. But how different are they in terms of luxury?



Cabin Size


Business and First class cabins are usually at the front of the aeroplane. The two compartments are divided by curtains. Both of these spacious areas enjoy a high level of privacy. Partitions between the seats provide peace and quiet while travelling. The cabins are kept separate from the lower class compartments. First Class offers even more space than Business Class. There is at least 15 centimetres (6 inches) more leg room. The distance between the First Class seats is 198 centimetres (6.5 feet). Business seats have a spacing of 182 centimetres (6 feet).





The width of Business seats is 18 inches (45 centimetres). A First Class seat measures 24 inches (60 centimetres). Both types of seat have at least four automatic positions that can be finely adjusted for individual comfort. The seats also fold flat, providing superior comfort while sleeping. First Class has an additional 15 centimetres (6 inches) on the width. The length of the First Class bed is also fifteen centimetres (6 inches) longer than the Business bed. High-quality duvets, mattress-toppers and pillows are provided. However, the materials used in First Class have a superior count of 400 threads per inch. Exclusive cotton pyjamas are also included in First Class.





There is no extra charge for food and drink in First Class. The exclusive a la carte menu is constantly updated. Typical dishes frequently include smoked salmon, Herefordshire beef and truffles. There is even an elegant afternoon tea with speciality cakes and pastries. First class passengers can also choose from a selection of wines and Champagnes. Business Class features a choice of three-course meals, soup, sandwiches and fresh fruit. Presentation in First Class is much more refined, with fine bone-china crockery and linen tablecloths. Business table-ware is made of porcelain.





Both classes are supplied with high-quality headphones with noise-cancelling features. There is also a range of on-demand services featuring popular films and television series. The monitors in Business Class measure 30 centimetres (12 inches). In First Class they are 38 centimetres (15 inches) and operate through a touch-screen handset. First Class passengers can also use Wi-Fi to access the internet and send e-mails.





There are several exclusive lounges for First Class passengers. A fast-track service allows early boarding without waiting in queues. Passengers are also allowed to bring three pieces of luggage. Business Class travellers also enjoy priority boarding. The amount of luggage permitted is two.





Business Class offers a very comfortable in-flight journey. But for the ultimate in luxury travel, First Class includes additional features. These include the a la carte menu and extra space.


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