What Is A Hotel Room With Two Bedrooms Called?

Hotels offer rooms in different sizes and shapes. Some hotels feature two-bedroom options, which are particularly handy for groups and families. Hotels with two-bedroom options are known by different names. Their rooms are also named based on what is offered, including furnishings and amenities.



Two-bedroom hotels

Accommodation with two-bedroom options are often simply called a hotel. These hotels offer suites and other accommodation with two bedrooms. Hotels might also be called by other names, from a residence to an apartment hotel.




A residence hotel or inn features rooms with one or more bedrooms. They are generally designed for longer stays and for guests looking for comforts from home. As a result, you find kitchen and laundry facilities in rooms.




Aparthotels or apartment hotels are similar to residences. They feature rooms with similar comforts from home such as laundry and kitchen facilities. Rooms are also generally larger than standard hotel rooms or suites.



Suite hotel

A suite hotel generally features larger rooms and all-suite accommodation. Two-bedroom suites are typically offered, which feature two bedrooms with a common living space.



Two-bedroom accommodation names

Certain two-bedroom options feature self-contained bedrooms with their own TVs and en-suite bathroom. Others will have a common bathroom. Depending on the layout, these accommodation options might be called different things depending on the hotel.



Two-bedroom suite

A two-bedroom suite generally has a common living space. Bedrooms will have one or more beds. A basic suite generally has a common sitting area, while an executive suite has additional space and amenities.



Two-bedroom apartment

Generally found in residence or apartment hotels, these options are designed for longer-stays and family needs. They typically feature kitchens, laundry facilities, and other comforts from home. Two bedrooms are usually connected to common living spaces, such as a living room and kitchen.



Two-bedroom villa

Villas are often found resorts and are stand-alone accommodation. They will usually have a shared living room as well as other premium features, such as a balcony or spa-like bathroom.



Presidential suite

A presidential suite is typically a hotel’s most expensive option. They generally have a separate living space in addition to one or more bedrooms. The presidential suite might also have other rooms, such as a guest bathroom, dining room or kitchen.




Like a presidential suite, a penthouse might be a hotel’s top accommodation option with two or more bedrooms. They generally occupy an entire floor for added space and privacy. These premium suites have larger rooms and luxury amenities.



Adjoining or connecting room

An adjoining or connecting room has a door between two rooms. Hotels might allow two rooms with a connecting door to be booked as a two-bedroom option. Alternatively, they can be requested in advance or on arrival.


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