KLM vs Turkish Airlines

Like most other people, you also want value for money when it comes to flying. If you’re taking a long trip, comfort, the food you are offered, as well as the treatment you get from cabin staff, are extremely important. If you are finding it hard to decide between KLM and Turkish Airlines, as to which company to use the next time you travel, then the following information regarding KLM vs Turkish Airlines, should help you to make that decision.




Turkish Airlines or KLM?


With Turkish Airlines you can expect the following:


• Amazing list of destinations – fly Turkish Airlines, and you will be able to go to more than 186 countries in the world!
• Comfort at its best – comfort is a top priority of this airline. They go out of their way to prove this, by providing seats with a built-in massage, a personal reading table, and a partition for privacy. The seat can change into a bed, there is plenty of legroom, an adjustable headrest, as well as a screen for entertainment during your flight.
• Top class service – although service varies whether you fly economy or business, Turkish Airlines still offers fantastic in-flight service and amazing amenities. The food is excellent and if you let them know of your dietary needs if any, they will prepare these special meals for you.
• Turkish Airlines goes above and beyond expectations – with this airline, you are sure to see plenty of amazing things in their country! They connect you with tour companies to make sure that you see everything unique to Turkey, such as thermal spas, historical sites, stunning landscapes, as well as beautiful UNESCO heritage sites.



Turkish Airlines Skytrax ratings


Turkish Airlines has earned a 3-star rating with Skytrax, for the amazing service they provide for all their clients, whether they are flying business or economy class.




What to expect if you fly KLM


Founded way back in 1919, KLM is the oldest airline in the world and the national air carrier of the Netherlands. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is the main base of KLM, and it provides flights from here to many places all over the world.



Some of the reasons why many people choose to fly KLM, include:


• Reservations – affordable prices and the fact that, for an extra booking fee, you can book a ticket telephonically.
• The Flying Blue programme – frequent flyers can enjoy the benefits of earning flying miles and can claim rewards like tickets for car rental and hotel accommodation.
• Flying to all popular routes – KLM offers flights to an abundance of popular destinations throughout the world, just a few of which include Barcelona, Rome, New York, Paris, and London.
• No charge for spelling mistakes – if you spelled your name incorrectly on your ticket, KLM will change it for you with pleasure, at no extra charge, provided that you make the correction no later than 24 hours prior to checking in on the first flight.
• Direct flights all over the world – KLM offers direct flights to 150-plus destinations all over the world.
• Flight schedules to suit your needs – KLM has departure and arrival times that fit in with your schedule, so you can enjoy your weekend break to the fullest or arrive at a decent hour for that important meeting.



KLM Skytrax ratings


KLM Airlines has earned a 4-star rating from Skytrax for the quality of its airport. This rating also applies to its product rating which includes amenities, food and beverages, seats, cleanliness, IFE, and so forth. It also received a 4-star service rating for both ground and cabin staff.

What you get from Turkish Airlines
Many travellers choose to fly with Turkish Airlines, and with what they have to offer in the way of locations, amenities, price, comfort, and service, it’s no wonder.


Check KLM.com




KLM vs Turkish Ailines in conclusion


The choice is yours as to whether you want to fly KLM or Turkish Airlines, but you can rest assured that you will receive outstanding service from both airlines and enjoy your trip to wherever you are travelling to in the world!


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