35 Best Vacation Travel Gifts

Taking a vacation is always the best way to unwind and get a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of reality. Also, if you love travelling, you must have a travelling companion that makes going on trips much more fun.

If you do have that companion, and you want to surprise them with a travel gift, then this post is for you.



Here are 35 best vacation travel gifts you can get anyone in your life:


1. A portable charger- looking for a port to charge your phone on can get tedious, especially during long trips. A portable charger can do the trick for you.


2. Bluetooth speaker- for music lovers, Bluetooth speakers are must-have travel items. You can enjoy the wonderful rhythms of your favourite tunes at any location.


3. Packing cubes- these are a wonderful way to keep your luggage organized. They are lightweight and keep your clothes intact, just like you packed them.


4. Foldable travelling bag- They amazingly complement your suitcase. In case your suitcase becomes too heavy, you can unload some items and put them in these bags.


5. Filtered water bottle- this keeps away bacteria and waterborne parasites. It’s the perfect gift for sunny destinations.


6. Travel neck pillow- these will support your neck on those long trips where you just want to nap on the chair. They come cheap too.


7. Desk globe- this has to be among 35 best vacation travel gifts. It is a chic accessory that will make any desk stand out.


8. Wireless headphones- headphones are a perfect gift for a young traveller. They can zone out at any time and listen to their favourite jams.


9. Travel backpacks- these backpacks are suitable for people who love to travel light. They have cosy straps that make them convenient for mountain hikes.


10. Cologne. – There is nothing quite like smelling nice. Colognes are a nice gift for everyone regardless of age or gender.



Also, among 35 best vacation travel gifts, here is a section for gifts to a lady:


1. Jewellery box- this right here is the perfect gift for ladies. During a stay at a hotel, she can safely put her jewellery here and avoid misplacing.


2. A hairdryer- this comes in handy for ladies and gents with long hair. However, there is a catch, get a small one that can fold up to save on space.


3. Travel hammock- hammocks are mostly used in beaches or deep in the woods. After a long day hiking or swimming, set it up and use it as a calm swinging seat.


4. A headlamp- this is a great gift for travellers who love to read novels on trips. It gives you a hands-free advantage. They can also be used to see through the dark.


5. Security doorstop alarm- this is a perfect gift for any female traveller who loves going solo. It is mounted at the foot of a door, and if anyone should break-in, an alarm will go off.


6. Scarfs with a zipper pocket- scarfs are currently in fashion and are trending the world over. Getting a scarf with a zipper is better because she can store valuables here.


7. Mini cameras- these come in handy when capturing moments. These pictures will serve as reminders and help you relive through some amazing moments.


8. Camera case- a camera should have a case. The case will prevent your camera from sustaining scratch marks and may also be handy in preventing damage on trips.


9. Menstrual cups – when it is that time of the month, every woman wants to feel comfortable. Menstrual cups can be used during periods and are much more comfortable than pads. Some of them are reusable.



Next up on the 35 best vacation travel gifts, we shall look at suitable gifts for children:


1. Travel books- these are an awesome way to get the kid an idea of what the world looks like. You can use it to pick suitable locations and plan for future trips.


2. Binoculars- as you bring your child over for a trip, gift them with a pair of binoculars. Additionally, pick one with real optics. This will thrill the child.


3. A world map- any nature-loving kid would absolutely love a map or two. This will educate them on the continents of the world. It’ll also improve their grades in geography.


4. Scooters- these are great substitutes for bikes. They are easier to pack and give your kid delight all the same.


5. Beach toys- if you are set to visit the beach, then a beach toy set is a must-have if you are tagging your child along. They will enhance your child’s physical activity.


6. Travel games- all kids love games. So why not gift your child a travel game to put their mind to work during that trip to the resort or beach.


7. Travel atlas- if you really want your child to learn about the world, there is no better way than an atlas. They have a wealth of information that’ll benefit them.


8. Travel kite- kids will always be excited to see new places. Get them a kite to better their explore experience.


9. Travel journal- a journal will serve a straightforward purpose, remind the child about everything they experienced on the trip.



Finally, in the final section of the 35 best vacation travel gifts, we shall look at gifts for men.


1. A watch- watches are pleasing accessories for men. They bring out their masculinity and are very fashionable. It will also help one keep time.


2. Leather wallets- a wallet is essential for safekeeping of identification materials, credit cards, money, and so much more.


3. Shoes- hiking boots or sneakers can be pleasant for a man. Also, sandals are great gifts and can be worn while walking on the beach.


4. Travel tripods- if the gentleman has a camera, then you can get him a tripod stand. This will help him capture long-exposure shots of nature and wildlife.


5. Deck of cards- cards are a great way to indulge your mind while travelling. Men love playing cards while on trips.


6. Sunglasses- sunglasses will protect your eyes from the overhead scorching sun. They are also a great way of improving facial appearance.


7. Credit card and passport holders- card holders are a great way of preventing loss of important documents. They are crucial for any man who constantly keeps travelling.





Travelling to new places is always a wonderful way to stay sane and find renewed strength to continue with your day to day life. This list of 35 best vacation travel gifts will help you and your kin travel better.



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