Lufthansa Economy legroom versus Premium Economy

When booking a flight in the economy class, you would like to have some bit of comfort during the entire period. What is better than having extra legroom for your rest?


Lufthansa economy offers extra legroom for its passengers despite the position of the seat you will have chosen, be it the window seat or the aisle seat. Just as long as you book it.



Lufthansa Economy Legroom


Like other airlines, Lufthansa offers the same required legroom for all passengers both in the business and economy class. The legroom in the economy class has a dimension of 71 cm, which equates to 29.1 inches. It is a reasonable space for passengers traveling in that specific class.


The seats are not only comfortable, but they also have pillows and blankets attached to them to improve the comfort of the travellers. As a traveller, you can stretch your legs comfortably when flying in the economy class.


When you take a long flight, you do not have to worry about where to rest your head. There are seats with wide dimensions ranging up to 40 cm where you can put your head to rest. The good thing is, you can adjust them to your desired position.


With enough space for legroom, you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment such as the latest movies, a wide range of television programs and music as well. You can also enjoy your meals and drinks as you are well-rested.



Premium Economy


If you are taking a long flight, you will get to enjoy a lot that comes with flying in the premium economy class. There is more space for you; you get up to 50% personal space. This is great because you do not have to worry about the next passenger prying into your business.


There is the provision of practical travel that ensures you are relaxed during the entire trip. You will enjoy your drink or meal comfortably due to the cocktail table provided in the armrest.


When booking a flight, consider your comfort as well. It is not all about having enough legroom but considering other factors such as the cocktail tables on the armrest and the available personal space. However, in the end, you choose what works for you!


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