Which airport is closest to Venice?

airport close to Venice

The gateway to magical Venice

The Italian city of Venice is a traveller’s dream. The canals that connect the city are amongst the most beautiful in the world with elegant bridges and hidden alleys. Venice’s cuisine is a top sight as well: the smell of freshly baked pizzas fills the air of this ancient city on the coast of the Middle Sea in Italy. You can easily fly to this amazing travel destination through Marco Polo airport that is conveniently located just 12 kilometres from the city center.

About Marco Polo airport

Marco Polo airport is found in Tessera, just 12 kilometres from the city center of Venice and serves over 10 million passenders on a yearly basis. This number makes it the fourth busiest airport in the country, transporting many of Venice’s visitors. Marco Polo airport has both international and national flights departement from one terminal that has three floors. This modern airport close to Venice with more than thousand flights every week, serves mostly European travellers that visit Venice for business or leisure.

How to get to Venice from Marco Polo airport?

Marco Polo airport is connected to Venice in many ways. The airport is connected to the train station, which allows travellers to easily hop on a train to Venice or a different Italian city. Regular bus services drive to and from the airport. The water shuttle to the city center also has a stop at Marco Polo airport.