United Airlines legroom on international flights

While flights remain the fastest means of transport if you are running out of time, flying nowadays is not as comfortable as before. To make more profits, airlines have reconfigured their cabins to stuff more seats. This comes at the cost of your comfort because the space is acquired by reducing the legroom.



What is legroom?


Legroom, also referred to as seat pitch, is basically that distance between the seat in front of you and the back of your plane seat.



United Airlines legroom


If you plan to fly with United Airlines, expect a 31-inch pitch in most of its Boeing airplanes. The exceptions are routes operated on Airbuses as well as some 737 aircraft, which have 30 inches of legroom. The 787-8 Dreamliner service is a bit more generous with up to 32 inches.


Though they don’t give a lot of legroom, United is among airlines with the best seat pitch. Even better, they seem to be more generous when you opt for the Economy Plus. You will get an extra three or four inches on average, giving you 34 to 37 inches of legroom. Generally, international flights have more legroom than domestic flights. However, the current legroom cannot be compared to the traditional seat pitch, which was more comfortable.



Seats with the most legroom on a plane


While legroom varies from plane to plane, some seats are known to have more legroom in general. For example, bulkhead rows have plenty of seat pitch though the advantage mostly comes at a cost. Such seats may either be located near a bathroom or gallery or may have armrests that can’t be moved. Besides, without a seat in front of you, you won’t have a space to store your bag on the floor or a seatback TV. Other seats with more legroom are the exit row though they may not recline.


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