Is Transavia a safe and good airline?

Transavia is an established low-cost airline based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands. The carrier serves mainly leisure destinations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It offers an average standard of service and has a relatively good safety record.



Transavia’s industry reputation


Transavia offers average products and services to its customers. Seats on the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737s offer 29-inch pitch, and cabins are maintained to a good standard. Generally, staff offer essential services at a relatively good standard. Travellers, however, often find little genuine hospitality as illustrated in customer reviews used by Skytrax to rate airlines.


Skytrax is an industry leader in rating airlines. Transavia is Certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline in its ratings of airlines around the world. The rating is based on the quality of the airline’s airport and onboard experiences. This includes cabin comfort and cleanliness, onboard food and beverages, baggage and seat fees, and other criteria.



Only a few incidents involving Transavia


Since operating its first flight between Amsterdam and Naples in 1966, Transavia has never suffered a fatal accident. It has also never had a loss of aircraft due to an incident. There have only been two incidents where aircraft operated by the Dutch airline were damaged, although both planes were not damaged beyond repair.


In 1997, the aircraft operating Transavia Flight 484 was damaged while flying from Salzburg to Amsterdam. The Boeing 737-300’s push/pull rod on its elevator broke off, which damaged the aircraft’s rudder. The incident required an emergency landing. The plane landed safely at Nuremberg Airport.


Also in 1997, Transavia Flight 462 experienced damaged during a rough landing. The Boeing 757-200 was flying from Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The aircraft touched down hard due to strong, gusty winds in Amsterdam. The landing gear was seriously damaged during the landing. Although the aircraft slide about 3 kilometres along the runway, there were no serious injuries. The plane was repaired and returned to service.


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