Is Good For Flights? is an ideal platform for locating flights to almost any destination. In just a click or two, you can find out detailed information about any available flight. helps you compare the prices and services offered by different airlines. You can book a flight on its own. Alternatively, you can choose it as part of a package with your hotel accommodation. makes it quick, easy and convenient to find the best flight for your holiday or business trip.




Latest information and flight prices


Every day, collects and updates information about thousands of flights. You can rely on the service to show you everything you need to know when choosing the most suitable flight. Where appropriate, your destination often includes alternative airports. There is also a list of the airlines that are operating a service to your preferred location. The details displayed by your hotel usually indicate the distances to the local airports. The prices shown are the total for the entire flight. There are no hidden fees for you to worry about.




Easy to use filters to book exactly the flight you want is one of the easiest sites to use. When selecting a flight, there are clearly marked filters to help refine your search. You can choose one way, a round trip or multi-city flights. There is also a box to tick for direct flights only. You can choose the class you’d like to travel in by clicking ‘Economy’. From the drop down menu, you can then choose economy, economy premium, business or first class. Click ‘1 Adult’ and you’re shown another drop down menu where you can adjust the number of adults and children who will be travelling on the flight. It couldn’t be easier to find the exact type of seats you require.




Choosing your preferred airport and flight


Enter where you want to travel from in the main search bar. Typing London shows you a choice of several airports including Heathrow and Gatwick. The search bar directly to the right is for your desination. A calendar appears where you can select the date of your flight. You are then shown a list of the available flights and airlines. There are further filters where you can choose the best, cheapest or fastest flights. The schedule for departure is listed along with the time your flight takes. You are then provided with the total price including your baggage allowance. also lists the weight of your cabin bag. It usually states where you can place a personal item such as a backpack or pet carrier.




Convenient and reliable flight booking has been successfully providing booking facilities for accommodation and flights since 1996. It’s a convenient, flexible service that helps you find the best or fastest flights. also helps you find the least expensive flights. With all inclusive prices for flights, helps you make great savings on your business or holiday visits.


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