Flying with KLM vs Thai Airways

Choosing an airline to get to your destination is a challenging aspect when organising a trip. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Thai Airways are some of the world’s leading airlines. Both are certified by Skytrax as 4-star airlines based on amenities, seats, cleanliness etc. So how do you choose between them?



KLM Airways


KLM, also known as Royal Dutch Airlines, is based in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and is among the oldest continuously running airlines in the world. It serves more than 160 destinations worldwide from its hub, and that includes cities in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa. The airline features a configuration of three cabins namely:


  • Business class
  • Economy comfort
  • Economy class

KLM’s economy class provides free meals on all their flights in addition to in-flight entertainment for intercontinental voyages. More so, the seats on economy class are comfortable and have extra legroom. Economy comfort offers their customers a luxurious meal as well as extra legroom and more recline. The business class, popularly known as world business class, offers personal entertainment, a privacy screen and full lie-flat seats for intercontinental flights.


KLM offers more than 1000 hours of entertainment on their flights, and there is onboard Wi-Fi. When it comes to baggage allowance, KLM allows two checked bags for free for intercontinental flights in business class, and only one on economy class. For Europe-bound flights, checked bags do not charge anything except for standard and flex fares.



Thai Airways


Thai Airways is Thailand’s flag carrier and a key member of Star Alliance. It is considered the airline with the best staff in Asia, and one with the best spa facility in the world. The airline serves non-stop flights to over 75 destinations across 35 countries. These destinations consist of a dozen cities in Thailand, Asia, Middle East, Oceania and Europe. Their fleet entail three cabin configurations namely:


  • Royal first class
  • Royal silk class (Business class)
  • Premium/Economy class

Royal first class passengers get the best service, and are offered exquisite meals and traditional cuisines that are tailored to individual tastes. Royal silk class passengers are offered a wide array of drinks such as champagne, juice among others. The seats are larger than average seats and extra legroom. Also, there are cheerful cabin colours and enough overhead storage bins in the cabin. Premium class passengers of Thai Airways get exclusive access to royal orchid and royal silk lounges.


Royal orchid allows its members to earn miles with the airline and Star Alliance partners. Every passenger is allowed one carry-on bag of up to 7kg as well as a personal item. For international flights, the checked bags allowed are 50kg for royal first class, 40 kgs for royal business class, and 30kg for the economy class.



KLM or Thai Airways – The Verdict


When comparing reputation, destinations, baggage allowance and inflight experience, Thai Airways has an unassailable edge over KLM. From the recent world airline awards by Skytrax, Thai Airways sits at the 10th position as compared to KLM that sits in the 18th position. However, both airlines provide complimentary meals as well and a generous baggage allowance. For luxury-oriented passengers, Thai Airways provides a first-class service which KLM does not offer.


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