KLM vs Cathay Pacific

Two of the world’s busiest airlines are KLM and Cathay Pacific. They have many features in common and generally provide high-quality services. However, Skytrax has awarded Cathay Pacific an overall rating of five stars compared to KLM’s four.



What are Skytrax Ratings?


The auditing company, Skytrax, analyses the services provided by the world’s airlines. The professional ratings system was introduced in 1999 to improve standards and help passengers make an easy comparison between airlines. Skytrax considers a wide range of services such as airport facilities, staff enthusiasm and the standard of in-flight meals. One Star is the lowest rating and Five Star is the highest. A Four Star rating indicates an airline provides a very good quality service. But a Five Star rating is awarded to an airline that’s considered to provide an excellent service throughout a passenger’s entire flight.



KLM and Cathay Pacific


KLM is also known as the Royal Dutch Airline. It was founded in 1919, making it the world’s oldest airline company. KLM is based at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Cathay Pacific is also one of the world’s longest serving airlines. It was established in 1946 and has a home base in Hong Kong. Both airlines operate fleets of approximately 230 aeroplanes which are mostly Boeings. They both have flights to ninety global destinations and usually carry up to thirty-six million passengers each year.



Long and short haul flights


KLM and Cathay Pacific differ in the flight categories they offer. For both long and short haul flights, KLM concentrates only on Business and Economy flights. Each of the categories has received a Four Star rating. However, Cathay Pacific offers much more variety. Short haul flights include the same Business and Economy categories, but long haul journeys offer First Class and Premium Economy in addition to Business and Economy. Both short haul flights and the Business long haul category have been awarded Five Stars. The remaining flight categories are rated at 4.5 Stars.



Airport services


Providing a comfortable lounge where passengers can relax before their flight is a priority for both airlines. KLM have several Crown lounges at Amsterdam Schiphol. The Business Lounge Crown 52 was completed in 2019. It’s bright, spacious and has an attractive interior arranged on different levels. Cathay Pacific has six lounges at the Hong Kong Airport. Each one has a sophisticated, contemporary design. However, Cathay Pacific gains Five Stars for many features such as providing a soothing ambience and attentive members of staff.



In-Flight performances


KLM and Cathay Pacific offer comfortable seats, high-quality menu choices and a wide variety of in-flight entertainment. Yet in many areas, Cathay Pacific rate slightly higher than KLM. The airline provides additional personal space and privacy for passengers in the Business category. There can often be six main courses to choose from on the flight compared to just two from KLM. Both menus include desserts and wine. Both airlines perform equally well in providing a personalised service. But the Cathay Pacific members of staff have superior language skills and are generally very efficient.



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Pleasant journeys with Cathay Pacific รกnd KLM


Whichever airline you choose, the flight from beginning to end should be an enjoyable experience. The lounge facilities at both airports have been designed to impress. They are practical, comfortable and provide an extensive menu. The amenities onboard a KLM flight combine practicality with comfort. Cathay Pacific staff members are rated higher for their outstanding efficiency. But Skytrax awards Four Stars for staff friendliness and enthusiasm for both airlines.


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