TAP Air Portugal legroom

I think we can all agree that the journey matters as much as the destination does. I mean, if you have an uncomfortable journey, you are likely not to enjoy the first few hours after arriving at your destination. Several factors contribute to the comfort of a journey; they include the service offered, the comfort of the chair, and the legroom. The legroom is the space between the seat you are sitting on to the next front seat.

Ideally, the legroom is supposed to be between 33 and 34 inches to comfortably accommodate taller people. This has been, in fact, the case for many years. However, nowadays, most airlines have shrunk their legroom from 34 inches to around 31 inches to increase the number of seats on the planes. For tall individuals, say 6’6″ tall, they can find a long journey incredibly uncomfortable with 31 inches of legroom. Luckily, with TAP Air Portugal, you have an option to choose extra legroom for your comfort. These options include:



TAP Air legroom in Standard Area

The standard green seats come with a seat pitch of 31 inches (79 cm) or 32 inches (81 cm), depending on the aircraft. Typically, this option is the cheapest and still quite comfortable for shorter people.



TAP Air legroom in  Extra Legroom Area/Emergency Exit

If you don’t mind paying extra money, you can get a super comfortable seat with a legroom of up to 55 inches (140 cm).



TAP Air legroom in  EconomyXtra/ Preferential Area

Still, in the economy class, you can get extra three inches on the legroom if you choose the preferential area. These seats are usually red in colour, located before the Extra Legroom area to the first row in the economy class. They have a seat pitch of 34 inches (86 cm).

Request the type of seat pitch you want when booking for the flight and enjoy the journey!



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