What is the legroom on KLM Economy and Economy Comfort?

KLM has two economy options, namely Economy and Economy Comfort, both of which have their own special features, such as:


Economy class on European flights – The seats are ergonomically designed and have standard recline and legroom of 30 inches/70 cm. Every flight offers a wide selection of seats in Economy class – in the back or front of the cabin, next to a window, or an aisle or middle seat. You can choose your seat during or after making your booking.


Economy class on intercontinental flights – These seats have an adjustable headrest that can bend, for passengers to rest their heads, even on middle and aisle seats. With Economy class on intercontinental flights, you can watch movies, play games, listen to music, and more. Legroom is the standard 31 inches/79 cm.


Economy Comfort seats on European flights – With these seats, you are treated to more comfort, in the form of extra recline and more legroom. Located in front of Economy class, these seats mean that you will arrive and disembark faster. Economy Comfort offers the same service as Economy class. With these seats, you enjoy % 2 inches/5 cm more legroom than in Economy class!


Economy Comfort seats on intercontinental flights – These seats, situated directly behind Business Class, provides passengers with even more comfort. Seats in Economy Comfort offer more recline and legroom of %4inches/10 cm more than in Economy class! Economy Comfort also provides power sockets for passengers to charge their phones or laptops.



Legroom on KLM Economy and Economy Comfort conclusion


No matter which seating option you choose when you fly KLM, you can rest assured that the cabin crew will go all out to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible, and your trip is a memorable one!


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