What is the legroom on Emirates Economy?

Emirates is one of the world’s largest airlines. The airline’s airplanes fly to about 160 destinations across the world including Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Currently, Emirates operates two types of airplanes, the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 777.


Emirate’s main goal is to offer the best in-flight services by ensuring that every passenger is comfortable. Imagine sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours? No one would want that. When you arrive at your seat, you will find a blanket and headphones waiting for you. The Economy seats on Airbus A380 have 32” legroom. The seats have a 19” space between one armrest and the other. Such a large space is adequate for anyone and you will have plenty of room for your knees, legs and feet. At times you can place your backpack underneath the seat in front of you and still get enough space.


To get a clear picture about the legroom it’s important to get first-hand information from people that have been on board. Below are a few reviews about passengers’ experiences:


Review I

I have flown on both Emirates planes to and from Bangkok. I’m 6’3 and I didn’t have any problem with leg room at any point. I could easily stretch my legs and position them however I wanted during the flight.


Review II

Although Emirates have squeezed in an extra row of seats to form a 3-4-3 arrangement I still get to enjoy my space. The seats might seem narrow but once you’re seated you get to enjoy a decent legroom.



The legroom on Emirates Economy conclusion


With enough legroom and great in-flight entertainment you ought to have a good time flying with Emirates. Overall, even when there are more passengers on board it’ll still be spacious and airy. The legroom is pretty reasonable.


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