Qatar Airways or Virgin Atlantic – Which is better?

Virgin Atlantic is noted for its relaxed cabin atmosphere and dedicated crew. Qatar Airways presents an image of efficient sophistication. These two airlines are often in competition with flights to similar destinations including America, the Caribbean and Europe. But which airline offers passengers the best facilities?




Pre-Flight Luxury


When you fly Economy or Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic, your choice of seat determines where you relax at the airport. The Virgin Atlantic lounge is only available for passengers who have booked an Upper Class seat. The lounge or clubhouse gives you a glimpse of the luxury that awaits on your flight. You can order exotic cocktails and snacks including delicate hors d’oeuvres. And if you’ve got time to spare, you can even relax in the spa. If you are a First Class or Elite Business passenger with Qatar Airways, you have free access to the five-star lounge. However, other Business grades and Economy passengers can join you if they are willing to pay an additional fee.




Upper Class Luxury with Virgin Atlantic and Qatar Airways


The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class cabin is very comfortable. There’s plenty of room between the seats and in the aisle. The streamlined, individual seat compartments are set at an angle to create even more space. The contoured seats have leather upholstery and a low, surrounding panel for privacy. Virgin’s entertainment monitors provide thousands of entertainment choices. They also include stylish headphones with noise reduction capability. Qatar Airways First Class seats are even more luxurious with separate cubicles where you can relax without being disturbed. The entertainment monitors are also much larger. Both airlines provide First Class passengers with à la carte menus, fine tableware and a selection of wine.




Comfortable Economy


Both airlines offer economy flights. Similar features include reclining seats with adjustable headrests and in-flight entertainment. Qatar’s contoured seats have slightly more width. Virgin Atlantic concentrates on providing you with more choice in economy travel. You can choose between Economy Light, Classic or Delight. Each grade includes minor improvements such as additional luggage allowance. Both airlines provide you with a choice of pre-packaged, three-course meals and snacks.




Intermediate Luxury


The main difference between the two airlines is in the Business Class category. You can book a Business seat with Qatar Airways, but Virgin Atlantic doesn’t offer a comparable service. If you want a good night’s sleep on a long haul flight, you’ll have to choose Qatar’s Business. It includes a large, flat bed in an individual cubicle. You can make your space more private with additional side panels. The only alternative with Virgin Atlantic is to choose an award-winning Premium Class seat. It has contoured leather upholstery and an adjustable foot rest that extends when you recline the seat. The pitch of 96 centimetres (38 inches) provides generous leg room.




Virgin Atlantic or Qatar Airways – Conclusion


First class with either airline offers luxury travel with the finest cuisine and accessories. However, the individual cubicles in Qatar’s cabin provide you with more privacy. In all other classes, Virgin Atlantic can only offer reclining seats for long haul flights. Qatar Airlines gives you the choice of a basic Economy seat or the superior privacy and comfort of a full-sized bed in Business Class.


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