What is the flight time from Johannesburg to the Netherlands?

A flight from Johannesburg in South Africa to the Netherlands is approximately 8,992 kilometres or 5,587 miles. The shortest flight time is eleven hours and ten minutes. Flights from Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport usually land at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport. There are up to thirteen airlines operating flights on this route. They include Egypt Air, KLM and Swiss Airlines.



Most frequent flights to Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The exact number of flights between Johannesburg and the Netherlands might vary each month. On average, there are nine flights every day. The earliest available flight is around 7.40 am. The latest flight from Johannesburg takes off at approximately 11.10 pm. The airlines offering the most flights are usually KLM, Delta Airlines and Air France. Each of these airlines operate around two daily flights.



Direct Non-Stop Flights


Royal Dutch Airlines KLM is currently the only airline offering a direct flight between Johannesburg and the Netherlands. A KLM flight usually leaves from the OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg. The direct flight lasts around eleven hours and ten minutes. It arrives at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport.



Indirect Flights from Joburg to Amsterdam


Many airlines offer indirect flights between Johannesburg and the Netherlands. An indirect flight takes longer than a direct flight. The length of time depends on how long each stop-over lasts. An indirect flight with one stop takes an average of thirteen hours and thirty minutes. If the flight involves two stops it could take sixteen hours or longer. Most indirect flights arrive at Amsterdam. Occasionally there are flights to Eindhoven with two stops that could take seventeen hours.



Airlines offering indirect flights from Johannesburg


There are many airlines, such as Emirates, offering flights between Johannesburg and Amsterdam. KLM has an indirect flight that includes a stop-over at Paris. The flight takes approximately thirteen hours and forty-five minutes to complete. An indirect flight with Lufthansa includes a stop-over at Frankfurt. This flight takes up to twenty-two hours and twenty-five minutes. Air France reaches Amsterdam via Paris in thirteen hours and forty-five minutes. There is a stop-over in Istanbul on a Turkish Airlines flight of fifteen hours and forty minutes. Qatar Airlines has an indirect flight that includes one stop at Doha. The length of the flight varies between seventeen and thirty hours depending on how long it stays in Doha.