What is the legroom on long haul British Airways economy flights?

Flying for many hours while sitting in one position can result in your legs becoming stiff and cramped, making it difficult to stand up and walk around during the flight. For the average person, it’s the price of the ticket that governs how much legroom they have for the seat that they can afford.



What are my options when I fly British Airways?


British Airways, gives you a choice of travelling First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class. Each of these options has its own special features, with the cost of seat prices increasing with each option.





How much legroom will I have on a long-haul economy flight?


If you book an economy class ticket with British Airways for a long-haul flight, you can expect to have legroom of around 31 inches. Passengers have mixed feelings about this. Tall individuals find the 31 inches a bit uncomfortable, while others are quite okay with that amount of legroom, saying that it is not perfect, but it is bearable, even on long-haul flights.



In conclusion


The bottom line is, if you fly long haul with British Airways and book an Economy Class ticket, it will be cheaper than their other seating choices, but with the minimum amount of legroom. The choice is yours.


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