All Dutch airlines (full list)

Dutch airline 1. KLM: Full service carrier


KLM alias Dutch Royal Airlines, is the world’s oldest airline. Formed in 1919, it was awarded royal status by Queen Wilhelmina. KLM operated the first passenger flight in 1920. A record was set in 1934 when KLM became the first airline to cross the Atlantic. KLM merged with Air France in 2003, but the companies continue to operate independently. KLM’s large fleet is based at Amstelveen. Daily flights from Amsterdam Schiphol airport travel to worldwide destinations.


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Dutch airline 2. KLM City Hopper: Regional carrier


City Hopper was formed in 1991 as a subsidiary of KLM to provide short European flights. Destinations include Dresden, Southampton and Genoa. The company’s headquarters are at Haarlemmermeer. City Hopper enjoys active royal support. Since 1996, the King of Holland, Willem-Alexander, has regularly worked as a co-pilot.




Dutch airline 3. AIS: Regional carrier


AIS was established as an aviation training school in 2009. The transition was eventually made to passenger flights. AIS operates from a base in Lelystadt. Destinations are generally confined to Sweden and Germany. AIS city connections include Torsby, Stockholm, Hagfors, Stuttgart, Munster and Berlin.




Dutch airline 4. Transavia Airlines: Budget airline


Transavia has been offering inexpensive flights since 1966. The company is based in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. The company’s first fleet consisted of fourteen previously owned Sud Caravelles. Transavia’s current fleet of Boeings regularly fly to many destinations. These include Finland, Cyprus, Morocco, Beirut, Jordan and Gambia.




Dutch airline 5. TUI Airlines: Budget airline


TUI was first established in 1981 as Air Holland. More than twenty years later the name was changed to TUI. Flights usually leave from Amsterdam Schiphol. There is currently a fleet of eight aeroplanes. There are flights throughout the Mediterranian, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Mexico.




Dutch airline 6. Corendon Airlines: Budget airline


Corenden was founded in 2010 and is headquartered at Lijnden, Haarlemmermeer. Many flights leave from Maastricht Aachen and Schiphol. Corenden provides inexpensive air travel for holidaymakers. Popular destinations include Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Cape Verde and Brazil.




Dutch airline 7. DDA Classic Airlines: Charter airline


Dutch Dakota began in 1982 with just one aeroplane. DDA’s current fleet consists of two aeroplanes offering flights to Europe and Africa.




Dutch airline 8. CHC Airways: Charter airline


CHC was established in 1945 under the name of Schreiner Airlines. It uses six aeroplanes based at Schiphol and Den Helder Airport. Flights are frequently provided for oil companies.




Dutch airline 9. Martinair: Cargo airline


Martinair was formed in 1958, originally offering passenger flights. Since 2011, it has concentrated only on cargo. The airline currently operates one Boeing 747. Destinations include South and Central America, Miami and Africa.


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