What size is a hotel king bed?

Hotel rooms offer a place to relax away from home. Whether travelling for leisure or business, you can choose from a range of room types with different layouts and beds. Common hotel beds include a double or full, queen and king.



King hotelrooms


King beds can be found in standard rooms, which are also known as guestrooms. Standard rooms typically have one king bed along with a bathroom. They might also have a desk and chair plus basic amenities such as a television.


Suites have more space and privacy. Along with premium décor and furnishings, they usually have a dedicated sitting or living space. Suites might be divided into rooms, like a separate bedroom and living room. They may also have other premium amenities like a kitchen. In suites with more than one bedroom, the king bed is typically found in the main bedroom.



King size beds and mattresses in hotels


Since they feature larger beds, king rooms are typically more expensive than double/full and queen rooms. These rooms generally have the largest bed in a property.


Typically, standard king size mattresses are 80 inches long (or about 203 centimetres) and 76 inches wide (or about 193 centimetres). Some hotel king beds are slightly smaller than a standard king and measure 72 inches wide (or about 183 centimetres) and 84 inches long (or about 213 centimetres).


King beds are perfect for couples. They are also great for families, allowing parents to sleep with small children without booking a second or larger room. Friends can share a king with plenty of buffer space between them. A king bed is also great for guests that simply love extra room. They are even preferred options for some travellers who want to sleep with their pet!


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