Flying British Airways Premium Economy vs Business Class

British Airways operates tiered services to accommodate all types of passengers. The extremes are Economy and First Class. Premium Economy and Business Class sit between them. But are their facilities nearer to economy or luxury flights?




British Airways Cabin Size


The seats in Premium Economy are arranged in rows like any standard cabin. They provide more space and leg room than in Economy, but not as much as in Business Class. The cabin for Business passengers is spacious, has screens for privacy and like First Class, is separated from the other categories. In Premium Economy, passengers from Economy can walk through the seating area at any time.



British Airways Seats


The seats in Premium Economy have a width of 46 centimetres (18.5 inches). This is the same as a seat in the Business category. A Premium Economy seat reclines by 96.5 centimetres (38 inches). This provides a more comfortable, semi-upright position for resting. But a Business seat has multiple positions and becomes a flat bed with a length of 183 centimetres (6 feet). It’s ideal for sleeping. There is also a mattress-topper, pillow and quilt. In Premium Economy, the bedding consists of a pillow and blanket.






Premium Economy and Business Class share similar refreshments. They both offer three-course meals served on porcelain crockery. Premium Economy passengers choose from a small selection of the main meals that are served in the Business Class. These may include chicken curry, pasta dishes or beef with vegetables. However, starters and desserts are from the menu in the Economy category. Business Class passengers are also allowed a glass of wine while waiting for take off. Snacks, tea and coffee are available in both areas.




Entertainment in Premium Economy and Business Class


There are similar monitors available in both categories. Those in Premium Economy measure 25 centimetres (10 inches) while those in Business are larger by 5 centimetres (2 inches). There is a wide choice of entertainment available in both with On Demand television programmes, films, pre-recorded news and e-books. Comfortable headphones with noise reduction are supplied for both classes.




Lounges and Luggage


Business Class passengers can use the stylish lounges of British Airways. They include buffet meals and beverages. Premium Economy passengers can only use the lounges if they belong to a high category of the BA Executive Club. There’s a quick and easy check in procedure and priority boarding for Business Class. Premium Economy passengers have to wait and board with Economy travellers. The luggage allowance of two suitcases has a limit of 23 kilograms each for Premium Economy. The weight increases to 32 kilograms for Business luggage.




Premium Economy vs Business Class conclusion


Premium Economy Class offers a high level of comfort and amenities when travelling on a budget. However, Business Class offers even more comfort, privacy and additional luggage allowance. The seat transforming into a bed is one of the main advantages, particularly on long, overnight flights.