All airlines that fly to Norway from UK

airlines to Norway

A direct flight from the United Kingdom to Norway, on average, takes four hours and five minutes, which at the end covers a distance of seven hundred and eighty-seven miles. The most popular route is London – Oslo, which has an average flight time of three hours and forty minutes.


Several airlines fly to Norway from London, such as:


  • British Airways
  • SAS
  • Norwegian
  • Ryanair
  • Etihad Airways



Norway’s major international airports are found in:


  • Bergen
  • Oslo
  • Alesund
  • Tromso
  • Haugesund
  • Stavanger
  • Sandefjord
  • Trondheim


British Airways offers full service with fares that are low all year round. It has an extensive global route network flying from and to airports located centrally. Therefore, British Airway is among the best airline.


SAS airline industry has experienced significant changes such as privatization, growth of passengers, and entry of new players who drive for development.


Norwegian bills itself as an Airline with low cost in the world, living up to its slogan. Since it offers extremely low fare, every passenger would prefer to have any experience with it to realize an excellent experience. Its planes are 3.6 years old on average for its starters. The low fares are non-refundable for Norwegian airlines.


Ryanair Airlines is among the biggest airline in Europe and also the world’s fourth-largest airline after losing it’s top five to united. It has never experienced an accident in 33 years of flying. It came to a severe accident in the year 2008 when it was forced to have an emergency landing due to multiple bird strikes to the wings, engines, and nose. The aircraft experienced damage beyond repair, and eight passengers and two crew were rushed to the hospital.


Etihad Airways is an Airline company that is a national of the United Arab Emirates with its headquarters in Abud Dhabi. In the year 2003 is when the airline was founded. The airline, on average per week it operates one thousand flights to over one hundred and twenty passengers with its cargo destinations in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, America, and Africa. It is the best first-class on-board catering and has the best Airline seat with a rating of 5-star according to British rating Skytrax World Airline Awards.


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