All airlines that fly to Russia from UK

all airlines to Russia from UK

Are you planning to book a flight with the fairest deal to visit one of the largest nations in the world? Well, here, we split down all airlines flying to this land of contrast from the golden beaches, snow-capped mountains to icy tundra.


Most popular carriers / airlines to Russia


British Airways and Aeroflot are the most popular carriers on this route. While you may focus more on the price than other aspects, there are other considerations to factor in. For instance, every carriage has unique luggage rules. The airport in which the aircraft will land is the other consideration.

If you do not want to worry too much about the strictness of the luggage rules, Aeroflot will be your best choice. This is one of the world’s oldest aircraft and has an excellent safety rating. Most of these flights permit up to 23kgs of luggage and offer an allowance of 10kgs. Because they include the luggage fee on the ticket, you will not worry about an extra hidden fee when boarding.

From 24 hours to 45 minutes before departure, this aircraft allows passengers to check-in. In the economy class, the legroom has a decent standard of between 30-32” while the business passengers can stretch to 57-60”. On this aircraft, expect a complimentary meal and soft drinks. Its on-time punctuality has placed it on the popularity ladder.

Data shows that Aeroflot airlines are punctual with more than 80 percent of their flights getting to their destination on time. Aside from its good services, it is also safe, given that most of the pilots are former military.

British Airways, the largest carrier in the UK, is also highly rated on this route. At check-in, seat selection is allowed free of charge. However, should you decide to reserve your seat in advance, you can still do it at a fee.


Other airlines include:



• S7 Airlines

• Air France

• Emirates

• Turkish Airlines

• Brussels Airlines


• Cathay Pacific

• Gulf Air

• Wizz Air UK

• Aegean Airlines


• TAP Air Portugal

• Georgian Airways

• Air Astana


• Air Moldova

• Atlas global

• Vueling Airlines

• Air Malta

• Turkmenistan Airlines

• Finnair



• Qatar Airways

• Sun Express

• Smart Wings

• Czech Airlines


The average time a flight may take to get to Moscow, Russia from the UK is 3 hours and 40 minutes. If you are looking for a direct flight which may take a shorter time, choose Aeroflot, British Airways, Wizz Air UK and S7 Airlines. Note, the cheapest month to book a flight to Russia is March.


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