Emirates vs Kenya Airways

Emirates is approximately six times larger than Kenya Airways. It has a fleet of 300 aeroplanes compared to fifty-four with Kenya Airways. The number of destinations is also vastly superior with 135 destinations located in eighty-five countries. Kenya Airways currently serves forty-one countries. You can fly with either airline in Economy and Business Class. But if you want to experience flying First Class, you can only travel with Emirates.


Level of Luxury in Economy Class

When you compare the Economy cabins in both airlines, Emirates has a more luxurious interior. There are decorative gold trims around the windows, and panels of polished wood on the walls and armrests. Both airlines offer Economy seats arranged in groups of three across the width of the cabin. They are both well-upholstered and recline by a similar amount. You’ll receive a pillow and quilt with each airline, but only Emirates has an adjustable headrest.

Upgrading to Premium Economy

If you upgrade to an Emirates Premium Economy seat you’ll have an eight-inch recline and an extending footrest. Kenya Airways offers passengers a range of features on all flights such as seats with additional leg room. If you book a Preferred Seat, it will be located nearer to the exit for an easy departure. You can also choose Super Economy which leaves the middle seat in a group of three unoccupied, providing you with more space.

Business Class Comparison – Emirates or Kenya Airways

A Business seat with Kenya Airways has a generous width of 78 centimetres (31 inches). Choose an Emirates seat and it’s only 47 centimetres (18.5 inches). Both seats can be turned into flat beds. The length of the bed from Kenya Airways measures 200 centimetres (79 inches). The wide Kenya Airways seat allows you to sleep on your side. Bed length with Emirates often depends on where your seat is located. Therefore, it can vary in length from 178 centimetres (70 inches) to 200 centimetres (79 inches). Privacy can be a problem when you fly with Kenya Airways. The seats have a paired layout so your seat is next to another. There isn’t a privacy panel between them either. Emirates seats have an individual cubicle with additional storage to the side such as a mini bar for storing drinks and snacks.

Standard of Meals at Kenya Airways and Emirates

When dining with Kenya Airways, you are provided with tablecloths, napkins and a range of menu choices for all classes. They include four-course meals with two appetisers and main dishes of chicken curries, steak, rice dishes and vegetables. In Economy, meals are served in plastic containers. But in Business your meals are served on specially designed porcelain crockery. You also have a choice of beverages including wine. Emirates offers an extensive menu in all classes that is usually based on your destination. Meals may include pasta or rice dishes, seasonal vegetables, desserts and wine. The presentation is very high-quality in both Economy and Business.

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