KLM Economy Comfort vs Business Class

The majority of passengers with the Royal Dutch Airline KLM choose a seat in Economy Comfort. It offers an ideal level of service for many flights. But KLM’s Business category promises even greater comfort.




Choosing Business Class provides you with a much improved level of privacy. The cabin has far fewer seats compared to Economy Comfort. There are usually only four seats across the width of the cabin instead of nine. The extra cabin space allows the seats to be arranged in an alternating formation. When you choose to fly Business, you’ll have more free space between your seat and those of your neighbouring passengers.


Larger Seats


The depth or pitch of a Business seat is almost twice that of an Economy Comfort seat. You’ll have much more room to move with a pitch of 152 cm (60″) instead of 90 cm (35″). The width of a Business seat is also greater than Economy Comfort. You’ll have a seat measuring 65 cm (25.5″) instead of 44.45 cm (17.5″). The larger size should help you relax more during your flight.




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Quality of Sleep


A significant difference between the two classes is the quality of rest the seats provide. The Business seat transforms into a proper bed. You can lie completely flat on a surface with a length of 206 cm (6′ 9″). You can even add some more to the width if you re-position the arm rest. You can look forward to a much improved night’s sleep compared to sitting in the Economy Comfort seat. This can only offer a slight reclining position and a cushion for your back.



Menu Choices


Business Class passengers enjoy a three-course meal served on porcelain tableware. If you’re travelling in Economy Comfort, your meal will be served in its plastic packaging complete with lid. However, the portions in each class are generous and the main meals are fairly similar. They might include steak or chicken with roast or mashed potatoes and vegetables, curries or vegetarian pasta dishes. A large, leafy salad is normally included. In Business Class, you often have a wider choice of desserts, and the cheese and biscuits has more variety.



Improved Relaxation


There are advantages in flying Business rather than Economy Comfort. You even have a larger monitor to keep you entertained. The increased seat size adds to your comfort during the flight. Extra cabin space in Business Class could also be more relaxing. The large, flat bed should provide an improved quality of sleep. You’ll appreciate the benefits more when you’re on a long haul flight.


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