KLM Economy vs Economy Comfort

Approximately two-thirds of the seats in KLM’s daily flights are in Economy and Economy Comfort. They are the two lowest categories. The difference between the two classes is very slight. But what they offer could improve your comfort while you travel.




KLM Economy and Economy Comfort seats


Both classes use the same standard seat. It has a width of 44.5 centimetres or 17.5 inches. The seats are arranged in the familiar layout of nine seats in a row. There are also two aisles evenly dividing them into blocks of three. Like any similar category on other flights, the space between the seats is limited. Any extra space you are offered is bound to be appreciated, particularly on a long haul flight. And that’s what might determine whether you’ll choose Economy or Economy Comfort.




KLM seat pitch


The pitch measures the distance between similar points on the rows of seats. In the Economy Class, the pitch is 78.7 centimetres or 31 inches. In the Economy Comfort seats, the pitch is 90 centimetres or 35 inches. It means you can have an additional 11.3 centimetres or 4 inches to stretch your legs. Taller passengers in particular might find this slight increase beneficial.




KLM seat recline


Neither of the seat categories fold flat as they do in the Business Class. On long haul flights, you have no alternative but to sleep upright. Both of the seats have identical padded headrests and adjustable lumbar cushions. However, the difference between the seats is in how far they recline. An Economy Comfort seat tilts backwards slightly more than the Economy seat by approximately 7.5 centimetres or 3 inches. The front edge of your seat will also come forward slightly as the seat adjusts its position. Bedding is the same with an identical pillow and blanket.




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KLM meals


On short haul flights, you’ll be offered the same range of snacks in either class. These could include mini pizzas, burgers or sandwiches. Hot meals are served on long haul flights. When you can choose a meal, there is usually a vegetarian alternative. The range features pasta dishes, curries or meat with seasonal vegetables. The dishes are satisfying and include salads and bread rolls. The desserts are the same for both categories and might include apple pie or cake. You’ll also receive some crackers and a small piece of cheese. All courses are served in their original packaging ready for you to open.



KLM Economy versus Economy Comfort conclusion


KLM offers (official KLM website for affordable direct booking) a high-quality service to passengers of every class. Choosing between Economy and Economy Comfort depends on the additional few centimetres you’ll receive regarding the distance and tilt of the seats.


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